Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I schedule an appointment to see my counselor?

    Any student may schedule an appointment with a counselor by coming to the Counseling Office (1.246) before or after school or between classes. Students may also make appointments using our online calendar.

  • Do I just leave class at the time of my appointment?

    When you schedule your appointment, show your teacher your pass on your device so you may leave class at your appointment time.

  • What if I'm taking a test or quiz at the time of my counseling appointment?

    Come to the counseling office as soon as you are finished with your test or quiz.  Your counselor will either see you then or schedule another appointment for you.

  • What do I do if I need to request a transcript to send to a college?

    Transcript request forms are located in the counseling office.  After completing the form, return to the counseling office to pick up your transcript 48 hours later from Mrs. Parkinson.  Do not open your transcript envelope or it will not be considered official.  The cost for each transcript is $5 and must be paid at the time of request.

  • Can my counselor mail my transcript and college application for me?

    No, students are responsible for mailing all necessary documents to their college.  It is the student's responsibility to meet all college deadlines.

  • Where do I get information about the SAT and the ACT?

    SAT and ACT registration information and materials are located in the counseling office, from your counselor, or from Mrs. Vanderpool, the Career Specialist also located in the counseling office.

  • What is the Mill Creek high school code number for the SAT and the ACT?

    The number is 111653 and is required when registering for the SAT or the ACT.

  • I'd like to apply for a scholarship that I saw on the College and Career link on the website. How do I do that?

    Each scholarship application is unique to that organization.  If a link is given, follow the link and follow the instructions exactly.  If there is not a link or if you have any questions, please see Mrs. Vanderpool in The Pad.

  • What is "The PAD"?

    The PAD (Planning and Development) is Mill Creek High School's career/college center and is located in the counseling office.  Our career specialist is available to help you research colleges, careers and scholarships.  Help with application completion is available, too. 

  • Can my counselor change my schedule?

    Counselors at Mill Creek High School do not change schedules.  Counselors assist students with course selection and advisement.

  • Can my counselor give me an attendance certificate so that I can get my driver's license?

    No, but Certificate of Attendance forms can be requested in the Attendance Office and students should allow 2 days for processing.  A fee of $5 is due upon request.

  • What is an ADAP card and where do I get one?

    An ADAP card is the card that you get from your health teacher when you successfully complete the drug/alcohol course required for your driver's license.  If you lose your ADAP card, contact Helen Cherry in the front office and pay $5 to request a new one.  If you took the drug/alcohol course at another school and you lose your ADAP card, you must contact your previous school to request a new card.  

  • Can my parents meet with my counselor without an appointment?

    In order to keep your parent from waiting, it would be best if they schedule an appointment ahead of time to talk with your counselor.  Parents may schedule an appointment by calling the counseling office at 678-714-5864.

  • Can my counselor help me find a tutor?

    Yes, counselors have information about school sponsored tutoring programs as well as a list of tutors available in the community.  The tutor list is located under counseling link on this page.

  • Will my counselor keep my conversations confidential?

    Yes, your counselor will keep your conversations confidential unless you are being harmed by someone, planning to harm yourself, or planning to harm someone else.