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Gwinnett County Public School

About Us

Welcome to Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS)! Located north of metro Atlanta, GCPS is Georgia's largest school district. Our dedicated team of approximately 24,000 educators and support staff serves more than 182,000 students in 142 schools:

  • 81 Elementary Schools
  • 29 Middle Schools
  • 24 High Schools
  • 7 Specialty Schools
  • 1 Charter School

GCPS is a Cognia-accredited school district that consistently outperforms the state and nation on key academic indicators. Learn more about our school district's latest accomplishments and headlines, subscribe to our podcasts: Teaching Gwinnett and En Familia con GCPS, follow us @GwinnettSchools on our social media platforms: Facebook, InstagramTwitter/X, and LinkedIn, and view our district highlights on GCPS TV.

GCPS By the Numbers
Frequently Asked Questions


Gwinnett County Public Schools will become a system of world-class schools where students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in college and careers.


The mission of Gwinnett County Public Schools is to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for each student, resulting in measured improvement against local, national, and world-class standards.

what is "world-class"?

 In GCPS, "world-class" describes any product, service, or organization that is judged by qualitative and quantitative measures as one of the best in its class, and is recognized accordingly by customers, stakeholders, professional peers, and competitors alike.