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Gwinnett County Public Schools

10 Things to Know About the FY2024 Budget

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Fiscal Year 2024 (FY2024) budget, as recommended by Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts, represents an investment plan for the school district, its students, employees, and the community as a whole. The proposed FY2024 Budget supports GCPS’ strategic direction, aligning with the district’s efforts to transform public education so that it is truly student-centered, equity-focused, and future-driven.

  1. The proposed FY2024 Total Budget is approximately $3.0 billion, a slight decrease from last year’s budget.
    • The General Fund budget, which covers the primary day-to-day operations of the school district, accounts for 77% of the budget.
  2. Every teacher will receive a $3,000 salary increase. All eligible employees will also receive a salary step.
    • Teacher pay increases reflect the Governor’s proposal at $2,000 for every step and lane on the teacher salary schedule. GCPS has added $1,000 per teacher to this investment.
  3. All employees not paid on the teacher salary schedule will receive a minimum 4% cost-of-living increase and a salary step, if eligible.
    • In addition to the 4% cost-of-living increase for those not on the teacher salary schedule, larger percentage increases will be made in lower-compensated positions to achieve a minimum starting salary of $15.00 per hour for all positions in GCPS.
  4. This budget includes the addition of 194 teaching positions to accommodate projected student growth and lower general education class sizes.
    • This is in addition to instruction and support positions added during the 2022-23 school year to reduce class size.
  5. This budget includes the addition of 123 special education positions to meet the needs of students.
    • To support the needs of our students, the FY2024 budget includes 63 special education teaching positions, 22 special education Pre-K teaching positions, and 38 Pre-K paraprofessionals in addition to the 194 general education positions.
  6. Professional Development for GCPS Educators.
    • This budget provides funding for professional development in the science of reading and structured literacy for all K-5 teachers. Additionally, the FY2024 Budget provides funding for programs that support GCPS educators seeking advancement of university degree opportunities.
  7. Increased funding for Health and PE, Fine Arts, and College and Career Programs, as well as Early Literacy.
    • To address access and opportunity, the FY2024 budget includes increased funding for program initiatives and personnel that support the whole learner, as well as Pre-K.
  8. Increased funding for expansion of extracurricular program support.
    • The budget provides funding to support GHSA-approved athletic programs and extracurricular activities in middle school and high school.
  9. Increased funding for school-based resources.
    • From funding for teachers to purchase classroom supplies to the addition of a new middle school in the Archer cluster, additional nurses, the build-out of the GIVE Center West, and safety and security staff and systems.
  10. Millage rates will hold steady in this year's balanced budget proposal.
    • The Maintenance & Operations (M&O) rate will remain at 19.20 mills and the debt service rate will hold steady at 1.45 mills. 

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