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Leadership Development - Gwinnett County Public Schools

Quality-Plus Leader Academy

As the state's largest school system, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) values leaders who have the skills and training to lead world-class schools to increased levels of academic achievement for all students. Because of the changing demographics in our schools, school leaders must be knowledgeable about instruction, should articulate the school's vision and mission, and promote a positive school environment in an era of accountability. Quality-Plus Leaders model high expectations for teachers and students, and execute a vision so that these expectations may be realized.

To prepare leaders for the future and the next generation of students. GCPS developed its Quality-Plus Leader Academy (QPLA). The academy provides GCPS professionals with a clear path to development and training. It serves as an umbrella to cover all activities associates with the leadership pipeline in GCPS.

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The following links have been provided as additional resources that support the Quality-Plus Leader Academy program and objectives. Please note: these links are not maintained by GCPS or the Quality-Plus Leader Academy.



Meet the Team

The Leadership Development team manages the daily activities of the programs while offering professional learning opportunities, hands-on experience, and relevant insight into the role of a successful leader.

Dr. Jeff Mathews
Assistant Superintendent,
Leadership Development
Dr. CHandra Young Walker

Dr. Chandra Walker
Executive Director of Leadership Development

Calcao Grelauris

Dr. Grelauris Calcaño
Director of Leadership Development

Tara McGee
Director of Leadership Development

Dr. Marketa Myers
Director of Leadership Development

Tiffany Suggs

Tiffany Suggs
Director of Effectiveness

Leadership Development


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