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Gwinnett County Public School

School Nutrition Positions

Follow a recipe for success… join the Café Gwinnett team!


A person with gray hair smiling in with a school cafeteria in the background.

Enjoy the fruits of part-time work while receiving full-time benefits for you and your family! Café Gwinnett employees receive competitive pay rates and work as a critical part of the local school team at a GCPS elementary, middle, or high school. Enjoy working in a great environment while making a difference in the lives of our students!

To work for GCPS as a team member in Café Gwinnett, you must first begin your employment through SPUR, a staffing agency specializing in the K-12 Education industry. After a period of successful employment with SPUR, you will have the option to transfer to employment with GCPS. There are many benefits available to you as a SPUR employee!

 SPUR employees in Café Gwinnett…

  • …make $15.00 per hour!
  • …can work 4-5 hours per day each school day, OR
  • …can choose to work on a substitute basis, picking their own schedule!
  • …enjoy weekends, weeknights, student holidays and summers off.
  • …are paid on a weekly basis!
  • Ready to get started? Apply today!

All Café Gwinnett employees – those hired through SPUR – are assigned to an elementary, middle, or high school location based on operational need.  All possible consideration is given to match you with a school location that aligns with your personal and professional desires.