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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Teacher Appreciation Week

As GCPS recognizes National Teacher Day (May 7) and Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10), our award-winning educators share their words of encouragement and inspiration with the TeamGCPS teaching corps.

GCPS educators, your commitment, dedication, and compassion make a tremendous impact on the lives of our students across the district. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to help our students finish this school year strong!

Jenna Cloninger TOTY 2025

Jenna Cloninger Hallberg

2025 GCPS Teacher of the Year and High School Teacher of the Year
Oceanography Teacher, M.Ed.

Central Gwinnett High School


“Thank you for showing up for your students every day, even when it’s hard. Students will always remember the teacher who was there for them, not the teacher who was perfect. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from your 2025 GCPS TOTY.”

Michael Payen - Five Forks MS TOTY

Michael Payen

2025 Middle School Teacher of the Year
Music Technology Teacher
Five Forks Middle School 


“This Teacher Appreciation week, my hope is that each and every teacher takes the week to be truly appreciated the way that they deserve. Keep doing what you're doing! The same way that students are our 'why', I guarantee that there is a student that sees you as their reason 'why'. Chase each and every connection. The students see it, they hear it and they appreciate it."

Michelle Ruhl, Sugar Hill ES

Michelle Ruhl

2025 Elementary School Teacher of the Year
Computer Science Specialist K-5
FIRST LEGO League Coach
Sugar Hill Elementary School


“Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! You inspire, adapt, and go above and beyond to ensure every student has the tools to succeed. You are an everyday hero! Thank you!”

Treva Coates, Osborne Middle School

Treva Coates

2025 Teacher of the Year Finalist
STEM Teacher
Osborne Middle School


“Educators, you are the architects of young minds and the spark that ignites a love for learning. Your dedication and passion make a profound difference in the lives of your students. We see your tireless efforts, your creativity in the classroom, and your unwavering support for each child. Remember, your light shines bright in this profession, so keep illuminating the future!”

Heather Kane, Lovin Elementary School

Heather Kane

2025 Teacher of the Year Finalist
Computer Science Teacher
Lovin Elementary School 

"To all GCPS teachers: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Your dedication, creativity, and tireless efforts inspire students and the entire community. We see you, we appreciate you, and we thank you for making a difference each and every single day!” #GCPSAppreciation #ThankATeacher ❤️"

Halie Rios

Halie Rios

2025 Teacher of the Year Finalist
SST Coordinator
Paul Duke STEM High School


“Great support is the bridge that spans the gap between potential and achievement. It takes a village to educate, and I am fortunate to be part of a community in Gwinnett County that understands the importance of empathy, excellence, equity, and effectiveness. Our success as educators is not measured solely by individual accomplishments but by the collective impact we make on the lives of our students. Thank you to all my fellow educators for the amazing work that you do to ensure your students reach success!”