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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Divisions and Teams

2023-24 GCPS Organizational Structure

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ organizational structure clearly puts schools at the center as they are the heart of the organization. No matter the division, department, or office, the day-to-day work of the district is focused on supporting schools. As is often said within GCPS, there are only two types of employees in the district… those who teach and those who support those who teach.

GCPS Executive Leadership Organizational Chart - May 2024

Dr. Calvin J. Watts


Responsible for day-to-day operations of the school district as the sole employee of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. Part of the Board governance team as the Board secretary. 

Direct reports to the Superintendent:

  • Deputy Superintendent of Academic Supports, Dr. Nikki Mouton

  • Deputy Superintendent of Operational Services, Mr. Walt Martin

  • Chief of Staff, Mr. Jorge Gomez

  • Chief Engagement Officer, Ms. Melissa Laramie

  • Chief of Schools, Dr. Al Taylor


Walt Martin Headshot

Mr. Walt Martin

Deputy Superintendent of Operational Services

Provides leadership and direction to advance the mission of Gwinnett County Public Schools business operations, including all functions associated with business and finance, human resources, facilities and operations, technology and innovation, information security, oversight of the Gwinnett Retirement System, facility planning and construction, school food nutrition services, and pupil transportation.  Directly responsible to the Superintendent for the organization, direction, and planning of the business affairs of the District. Supervises Human Resources, Technology and Innovation, Business and Finance, and Facilities and Operations functions.


Dr. Nikki Mouton

Deputy Superintendent of Academic Services

The Deputy Superintendent of Academic Services provides leadership and direction in the ongoing planning, development, and implementation of an effective district instructional program, including academics, school performance and accountability, and student support and initiatives, in accordance with the strategic goals established by the Gwinnett County Public Schools Superintendent and Board of Education. Supervises Teaching and Learning, and Strategy, Performance, and Accountability divisions. 


Jorge Gomez

Mr. Jorge Gomez

Chief of Staff

Supervises Legislative & Education Policy and Records Management offices. Acts as a state government liaison and open records contact. Supports Superintendent’s office with special projects, Board administration, and Instructional Support Center operations. 


Ms. Melissa Laramie

Chief Engagement Officer

Supervises Communications, Community and Media Relations, GCPS TV, and GCPS Foundation offices. Responsible for internal and external engagement, and supporting the Superintendent.


Dr. Al Taylor

Chief of Schools 

Supervises all Cluster Superintendents, Academic Supports, and the School Operations & Support department. Responsible for school improvement and operations, including principal supervision. 


Ms. Masana Mailliard

Chief Financial Officer

Supervises Financial Services, Budgets and Financial Reporting, and Retirement offices. Provides leadership and directs the business operations of Gwinnett County Public Schools with responsibility for budget preparation, strategy, investments, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, auditing, risk management, and the Gwinnett Retirement System (GRS).


Ms. Cathy Hardin

Chief Human Resources Officer 

Supervises Leadership Development, Staffing, Employee Relations, and HR systems. Responsible for all talent management functions, including recruitment, hiring, evaluation, promotion, and retention. 





Eric Spoto

Interim Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

Supervises Information Security, Infrastructure & Operations, Information Systems & Solutions, Enterprise Support Services, and Instructional Technology & Innovation departments. Responsible for all information technology-related functions to support academics and operations. 


Ms. DeNelle West

Chief Learning Officer

Supervises Core Programs, Enrichment and Support Programs, Special Education and Psychological Services, and College and Career Development departments. Responsible for curriculum and instructional support for all content areas, as well as program development /improvement, multi-tiered systems of support,  gifted/talented, multilingual learner, early learning, dual language, health / physical education, and performing arts programs.


Dr. Jewelle Harmon

Chief Accountability Officer

Supervises Accountability & Assessment, Data Governance, and Research, Evaluation, and Analytics departments. Responsible for measuring and monitoring academic and operational performance.