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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Engagement Office

World-class communication and engagement.

Our Blueprint for the Future: Building the Bridge from Empathy to Excellence 

outlines our goal as the GCPS Engagement Office to "demonstrate world-class communication and engagement through modeling the value GCPS leadership places on transparent, two-way communication to build stakeholder trust and confidence."

We believe this will be accomplished through several key objectives outlined below:

  • Implementing a strategic communications plan to reach the target audiences of families, students, teachers, and the community to share the work of GCPS and solicit input and feedback.
  • Improving two-way communication, engagement, and outreach that connects the community, the schools, and the district office.
  • Enhancing communication practices to increase engagement with diverse families in the GCPS community.
  • Reducing variability in parent and family communication processes across all schools.

To support this, three teams have been aligned to work collaboratively and strategically in the GCPS Engagement Office to support internal and external engagement:

The primary goal of the Engagement Office is to foster relationships in Gwinnett County Public Schools and support students, families, staff, and the community in being engaged and informed.

The Engagement Office proudly serves GCPS in the following areas of responsibility: