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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Planning for Our Growth

As Gwinnett County grows, so too does Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS).  School system staff proactively monitors residential development, demographic trends, and student enrollment.  This enables school system staff to manage existing school capacity and forecast the need for construction of new schools or additions to existing schools. 

Planning for the future also requires processes that ensure renewal of existing facilities and other capital investments such as technology, school buses, equipment, and other assets.  Planning for the future requires a capital plan, what GCPS refers to as “The Plan”. 

“The Plan” is not a static document.  A new phase of The Plan is developed every five years and includes projects and capital investments necessary to ensure that the district has the facilities, infrastructure, financial means, and technological resources to advance teaching and learning.  Progress regarding the execution of The Plan is shared monthly with the Board of Education.   

The Plan is paid for by the “one penny” education special purpose local option sales tax (E-SPLOST), bonds, and participation in the Georgia State Capital Outlay program. 

The Plan 2022-2027 - In November of 2020, Gwinnett County voters approved a continuation of E-SPLOST to fund The Plan 2022-2027.  Facilities staff will continue to optimize the use of state capital outlay dollars to pay for a portion of planned facility investments. 

Monitoring Growth and Development - To ensure Gwinnett County Public Schools is proactively planning for growth, staff works closely with our County and municipal planning departments to monitor proposed and active residential development.

E-SPLOST Accountability - In addition to monthly reports to the Board of Education regarding the progress of our building program, the GCPS E-SPLOST program is audited, and the capital budget is reviewed and published annually.

Questions and Answers - Staff has included responses to commonly asked questions regarding the funding, financing, and execution of The Plan.