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Gwinnett County Public School

Facility Planning and Construction

John Hodgson Executive Director


Construction and Contracts Engineering

Lance Knight Director


The Department of Construction and Contracts Engineering ensures that quality, cost effective facilities, built correctly to Gwinnett's high standards, are provided in a timely fashion to students and educators. 

The department also monitors and reviews “in-house” and contracted or privatized services, focusing on cost, efficiency, and customer service. This department also develops new contracts that will increase acquisition flexibility, decrease the cost of obtaining the product/service, and improve the overall speed and efficiency of delivering service to the school system customer. All non-system funded (e.g., Booster Club) projects are coordinated through this office to ensure compliance with school system standards and land use plans.

Facility Planning

John Gramigna Director


The Department of Facility Planning is responsible for developing long-range systemwide building programs. Using industry best practices, Facility Planning creates quality learning environments for our students. Working closely with consulting architects, Facility Planning ensures that new facilities meet educational requirements and are designed in compliance with all codes and State Department of Education requirements.