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SEL Competencies: Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making

Enhancing Strategy

Technology |Enhancing Strategy 

A foundational strategy, Technology facilitates the use of other Quality-Plus Teaching Strategies. This strategy focuses on using digital content (media, text, or activities), resources, and tools to support and personalize teaching and learning of the AKS.

When using this strategy, the teacher will model use of technology resources and empower students to self-select technology tools that will help them learn and allow them to demonstrate and share their learning. The teacher will use technology resources to assist in differentiating content and product for students. Students will use technology resources to access content, facilitate their own learning, and demonstrate their learning.

Technology is not integrating hardware and software into the classroom just for the sake of technology. It is not substituting a digital version for a print version (e.g., online worksheets). The use of technology as a strategy is especially effective when leveraged by the teacher to bring events and activities into the classroom that would not be possible otherwise, in order to extend learning opportunities beyond the school day and to differentiate and personalize instruction based on students’ strengths, interests, and needs.

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Teacher Behaviors for Promoting SEL Competencies

  • Provide students with a variety of tools to learn.
  • Help students distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behaviors during on-screen activities.
  • Help students understand how to balance the use of digital media.

Student Behaviors for Developing SEL Competencies

  • Practice safety by not sharing private and personal information (including passwords and log-in information).
  • Balance media choices and use of digital devices.
  • Demonstrate digital citizenship.



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