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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Learning 2025

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ participation in Learning 2025 aligns with its work to improve its schools and better support students. Learning 2025 is a network of leading school districts focused on coming together to share their learning and leadership. Through this work, GCPS is asking:

In GCPS, we have been focusing on providing an education that is student-driven, equity-focused, and future-driven for some time. Through its work with Learning 2025, GCPS is sharpening its focus and collaborating with other school districts to ensure we are preparing students for their future, not our past.   

What do we want our schools to look like by 2025?

What must change so that each and every one of our students graduates on time and ready to thrive in college, career, and life?


What is Learning 2025?

AASA, The nation's School Superintendents Association, urges a vision of public schools as future-driven, rigorous, energetic, and culturally-vibrant learning ecosystems—where leaders, administrators, teachers, learners, families, and communities work together to redesign the school system, reengineer instruction, and co-author personalized learning for ALL learners. Learning 2025 is a collaborative of leading school districts who have come together to learn and lead the way. The work is grounded in the foundational work of the AASA Learning 2025 National Commission, comprised of thought leaders in education, business, community and philanthropy.

The full commission report articulates in Detail AASA's vision, which is intended to function as gaurdrails for specific change while also empowering districts and schools to tailor plans to the needs of their learners, educators and communities. The commission has identified core components and corresponding essential areas of systemic school redesign. As leaders, teachers, and students work to realize this vision, all must play an active role in redesigning systems, reengineering instruction, and co-authoring the learning journey. Read the full report. 

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ participation as a Learning 2025 demonstration district offers opportunities for us to spotlight the positive changes and continuous quality improvement occurring within the school district.

GCPS highlighted in March 2022 edition of AASA magazine: Learning 2025 Takeaways Spur a District’s Own Initiatives

Visit the Learning 2025 website

The graphic above is adapted from the work of AASA's Learning 2025 Learning Commission.

Learning 2025 ring

“We have an opportunity to finally bring our schools into the future and transform them into nimble systems. Our recommendations can lead to personalized and customized instruction and restore dignity and honor to teachers and the joys of teaching."

—Bill Daggett, Learning 2025 National Commission Co-Chair and Founder of the International Center on Leadership for Education 
Dr. Bill Daggett's video

Learning 2025 Introduction

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Learning 2025: Superintendent Watts' remarks at the March 17, 2022 Board meeting

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Learning 2025: Diverse Educator Pipeline

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Learning 2025: Early Learning

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Learning 2025: Culture

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Learning 2025: Future-Driven

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