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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Parent and Student Responsibilities

Per the Handbook Information for Students and Families, if a GCPS technology resource is assigned to a student and taken home, it is the parent's responsibility to monitor the use of the device to ensure the student is following the Student Conduct Behavior Code and to ensure that the device is returned in the condition in which it was received. When using GCPS technology or network access, students are expected to follow the Student Conduct Behavior Code, including respecting others' privacy. Online student accounts to be used for legitimate educational purposes will be subject to monitoring and review, including review of text and attachments that are related to that student or students. At NO TIME should a student consider GCPS email, networked applications, or account or technology access private or confidential in any way. 

While the school district does maintain Internet filters, there may be times when a student may accidentally or purposefully discover inappropriate materials online. Gwinnett County Public Schools DOES NOT CONDONE the use of such materials. Inappropriate use of any GCPS technology resource or network access is a violation of the Student Conduct Behavior Code. 

For additional information, please see the Handbook Information for Students and Families

Student Responsibility

Damaged or Lost Devices

Please note that incidents of damage or loss do not reset each school year. 
Fees are effective July 1, 2024:















Any lost device: $200
(No cost with a police report for stolen item)



Damage: $25

Any device that is damaged beyond repair: $200




Accessories (Power Adaptor)



Lost accessories replacement fee: $25



Damage: $25