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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Emergency Procedures

Safe Schools Plans/Required Drills Policy

Each local school is charged with implementing the Safe Schools Plans developed by the district and conducting training for staff to familiarize them with the school emergency plans. Each school has a Safe School Team which provides leadership in carrying out the plans. The team shall be composed of appropriate school personnel, such as principal, assistant principals, counselors, grade level chairs, department heads, coaches, and selected teachers.

Each local school shall develop, periodically update, and implement specific plans for that particular campus. The District Safe Schools Plan shall include, but not be limited to guidelines for actions to deal with the following specific hazards: injuries and illnesses, fires, thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, winter storms, hazardous materials, earthquakes, utility failures, bomb threats, civil disturbances, terroristic acts, and nuclear emergencies. The plans also require drills, as appropriate, for emergencies arising from these hazards. It also shall include provisions for communicating information on emergency preparedness procedures to staff and students appropriate for their grade level.

Safe Schools Plans

Annually, the school resource officer and school administrator review and complete a Safe School Plan for the local school. Each year, the School Safety Plans for Gwinnett County Public Schools are approved by Gwinnett County Emergency Management Agency and are on file at each local school. These plans are shared with local police and fire jurisdictions.

Required Drills

During months school is in session, schools are required to conduct monthly fire drills, per Life Safety Code 11-7-1. These drills are recorded on the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s website. The public may access this information by selecting Gwinnett County and then the individual school. In February and November, a severe weather drill may be held in lieu of or in addition to the regular monthly fire drill. Those drills are also noted on the website.