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Gwinnett County Public School

Appendix A: Strategic Direction for 2020-2030

In 2019, the Board adopted an update to the Strategic Priorities that had existed for the previous decade. Out of that community engagement effort came the Strategic Direction for 2020-2030. The process resulted in ten strategic drivers which have influenced the development of the Blueprint. Those drivers included:

Figure 9: Strategic Direction 2020-2030 Strategic Drivers


As a result of being educated in Gwinnett County Public Schools, students graduate with the knowledge, skills, and social awareness to succeed in college, career, citizenship, and life in an ever-changing world.


As partners with the school, families of Gwinnett students support their children’s education, reinforcing high expectations for learning and behavior and sharing accountability for their children’s success.


GCPS employees are passionate advocates for public education, committed to serving students and the Gwinnett community effectively, professionally, and ethically. As a result, our employees— both those who teach and those who support our teachers— are respected, appreciated, and valued.

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ curriculum standards, instructional practices and resources, and assessment program are at the center of our core business— teaching and learning. The curriculum represents the essential knowledge and skills all students learn. Proven instructional practices and a focus on rigor assure that learning is optimized for every student. The assessment program provides meaningful, actionable information that helps direct each student’s educational pathway.

Technology and Digital Resources

Gwinnett County Public Schools provides robust, secure access to technology and digital resources that meet the evolving needs of students and staff. Safe, responsible use of technology is taught and expected so that technology resources will support learning, supplement instruction, foster collaboration, and nurture creativity and innovation across the district. Access to technology is not a barrier to student learning, and resources and technology improvements are allocated equitably among schools.

School Climate

School climate speaks to the quality, culture, and character of our campuses. Gwinnett schools are places devoted to teaching and learning where a positive climate is nurtured. Fostering such a climate is the responsibility of all who are a part of a school community. It is a climate that is safe and orderly; promotes academic and behavioral excellence; encourages and maintains respectful, trusting, and caring relationships; and contributes to the success of all students.

Governance and Leadership

Leaders at the district and school levels are passionate about students and their success. They use the district’s foundational documents (vision, mission, goals, core beliefs, etc.) to guide their actions and decisions so that students’ best interests are served. Striving to fulfill the promise of public education in Gwinnett County, they engage with others in the community, earning respect and trust and exhibiting integrity in all they do.


The district has the facilities, infrastructure, financial means, and technological resources to advance teaching and learning. It employs proven business practices and operational strategies that meet the public’s highest standards for accountability, integrity, equity, and trust.


Effective communication is everyone’s responsibility. GCPS promotes open, honest, reliable, two-way communication to build trust and confidence in the school community and beyond, and engage stakeholders in ongoing, meaningful, and authentic ways.


Gwinnett County Public Schools is organized to do today’s work extraordinarily well, while exploring and preparing our system for the opportunities of tomorrow. In this age of rapid technological progress, organizational ambidexterity enables the district to pursue innovative approaches to all aspects of schooling— academic and operational— in order to meet the evolving needs of students, families, and the Gwinnett community.