Parents Need MyPaymentsPlus

Navigate Your Account

  • After the Documents to Review section pops up and you complete the paperwork, click to Suggested Fees & Activities.
    This is where you will find lockers for $3. 

    Go to Dashboard

    Sort and filter for areas you want to see:

    Go to Events & Activities.

Get the APP

  • Go to to register for a free account.



  • Using your child’s student ID number, create a free account by visiting You'll then be prompted to customize your password. The free account allows parents to fund their students' cafeteria accounts, pay club membership and event fees, donate to school fundraisers, purchase Homecoming Dance and Prom tickets, register for PSAT and AP exams, join PTSA, buy shorts and shirts for P.E. classes, and more.  Parents also complete back-to-school paperwork online through MyPaymentsPlus.