• Counseling Overview

  • 2019-20 Parent Meetings
    (6 PM in The Commons)

    9th Grade Parent Night
       AUGUST 19
    Senior Parent Night
       AUGUST 22
    Sophomore Parent Night
       AUGUST 29
    Financial Aid Night
       SEPTEMBER 19
    College Options Now
       NOVEMBER 21
    Junior Parent Night 
       JANUARY 23

  • College Board Opportunity Scholarships

    This one of a kind program rewards student effort in completing the six essential steps in the college application process:

    1) Build Your College List
    2) Practice for the SAT
    3) Improve your Score
    4) Strengthen your College List
    5) Complete the FAFSA
    6) Apply to Colleges

    Awards range from $500-$2000 and completing all six steps will put students in the running for a $40,000 scholarship. Students in the Class of 2020 can join now by visiting cb.org/opportunity.

  • How to set up a College Board account and link it to Khan Academy

    See the video here.


  • Seniors:  If your college requires a Mid-Year Report, you MUST complete the Google Form so that your counselor can complete his/her part of your Mid-Year Report.


  • Brag Sheets

  • Need a counselor recommendation for college?

    Complete Student and Parent Brag Sheets (linked below) to request one from your assigned counselor.

    It is encouraged that both Student and Parent Brag Sheets are completed in order for the counselor to write the most comprehensive letter of recommendation.

    Note: Your counselor needs 2 weeks (10 school days) to complete a letter of recommendation. Plan accordingly.

  • Ms. Medlin (A-Co)

     Student                                             Parent       

  • Dr. Benton (Cp-Ht)

    Student                                            Parent    

  • Mrs. Battles (Hu-Me)

    Student                                              Parent        

  • Ms. Linderman (Mf-Sa)

    Student                                                                Parent   

  • Mr. Blair (Sb-Z)

    Student                                                                                              Parent

  • See Dr. Dehnke in A1 if you have any questions. You can also submit hard copies of student and parent brag sheets to Dr. Dehnke in A1.

    If you need a teacher recommendation, please complete this brag sheet and return it to your teacher.

  • Click to learn what it takes to get into UGA, GA Tech and GA State.