Third grade had so much fun with the North Georgia Zoo while learning about different animals that call Georgia home. It was
Second grade enjoyed the program from the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center. The program complemented their sun, moo
Kindergarten enjoyed a program from the Atlanta Audubon Society today. Students learned about what makes a bird a bird. This
  • Predators and Prey: Fourth-grade students enjoyed a visit from the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Students were able to see an owl and a hawk up close. They asked questions, learned about what makes them predators and which prey they eat. The visit concluded with students being able to touch a feather and talon.

  • Native Americans of Georgia: Second-grade students learned about the Creek and Cherokee nations during a program conducted by the Atlanta History Center. Students listened to a story, played a communication game, and examined artifacts.

  • Seed Adaptations: First grade had a wonderful time learning about seeds with the Wylde Center. They learned about the parts of a seed, what seeds need to survive, and how they travel. Love bringing these experiences to our students with PTA funding.

  • Sons of the American Revolution: Gwin Oaks was so fortunate to have the Sons of the American Revolution visit with 4th grade yesterday and today to share their knowledge and passion about the American Revolution. They discussed the food, clothing, housing goods, battles, and so much more with the students.

  • Plant DNA: Fifth graders learned more about plant DNA with a visit from the Wylde Center. Students identified the characteristics of vascular and nonvascular plants and participated in several hands-on activities.

  • Book Mobile: Students who completed the summer reading program were able to select a book from the Gwinnett Book Mobile. Over 160 students were able to select a book and received a package of "book worms".