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    Q: Where/how can I submit a reading log?
    A: Reading logs are due each Monday. If you want to submit your reading log online please go to the Gwin Oaks homepage.

    Q: How long can I check out a book?
    A: Books can be kept out for 2 weeks.

    Q: Are there fines for overdue books?
    A: No, the Gwin Oaks Media Center does not charge overdue fines.

    Q: How much does it cost if I lose or damage a book?
    A: Almost all paperback books cost $5.00 and hardback books and some paperbacks cost $15.00. 

    Q: I am trying to access the online encyclopedia from home but keep getting a screen to enter a password, what is the password?
    A: You can access the database through your eCLASS page. Once you login you will be able to access the same resources available at school. If you need the passwords click the lock icon next to Online Resources in your eClass page.

    Q: How do I volunteer for the Media Center?
    A: Send an email to sharon_amolo@gwinnett.k12.ga.us