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    School Messenger SchoolMessenger is a rapid notification system used to contact families in Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) via email messages. The district uses the system to communicate information related to districtwide events, including safety alerts, key school dates, and school closings due to inclement weather. Schools also may use the system to communicate information related to school events as well as automated attendance messages.

    Caution Communication is made through the email provided for on the Parent Portal in our system. If you need to update your email address you must come to Gwin Oaks, present ID and fill out the required email change form. 

  • Parent Portal

    The Gwinnett Parent Portal is the go-to source for information about your child and his or her key school information. You can access this information safely and securely, anytime from anyplace from your Parent Portal.

    Parent Portal

  • eCLASS

    eCLASS is Gwinnett's Digital Content, Learning, Assessment and Support System that is providing the district an integrated learning management system to enhance student engagement and the learning process.  It's a multi-year initiative that is providing students and teachers with the digital tools they need to expand the walls of the classroom, foster collaboration, and nurture creativity.


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    GCPS News Bringing you updates, news, and happenings from across the school district.


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