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    All 9th graders are part of The Academy at Mountain View High School. The purpose of The Academy is to provide an effective learning environment while helping 9th graders transition to the high school setting. The goals of The Academy are for every 9th grader to make it to 10th grade in the first year and to acclimate successfully by becoming a fully engaged high school student.

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  • FAQ's

    Does my child have a supply list?

    Currently, there is no specific supply list. Please check the student's e-class page for individual class lists. 

    Where can I find my student's schedule?

    The Student VUE app. This can be located under apps when a student first logs into their portal. The icon is right about the green e-class button. 

    What are the school hours?

    Beginning Thursday, August 13 first period will begin at 7:20 am. Wednesday, August 12, students will follow a special first day of school schedule that was emailed to parents on Tuesday, August 11. If you did receive the email, please check your spam file.

    Does my student have to go to all classes every day? 

    Students are expected to access the e-class page for each class every school day. 

    What do students do during the class period if the teacher is not live that day?

    Students should visit each of their teachers' e-class page and complete the student-paced lesson posted for that day. For example, on A days students should visit the e-class page for 4th-7th period and complete the assignment posted for that day. Likewise, on B days, students visit the e-class pages for periods 1st-3rd and complete the assignment posted by their teacher for that day.

    What if I have a new email address?

    Email address changes can be made by emailing Sarah.Jarrett@gcpsk12.org. Please include your photo ID. No changes can be made without a photo ID

    How does my student get their ID for the cafeteria?

    During DLD, the first time a student stops by MV to pick up lunch they will be issued a student ID that they will use to continue use. 

    If my child would like to pick up lunch at MV what time, should he/she come? 

    Lunches are available from 11:45 am - 12:45 pm. The student will be issued an ID card to use for lunch when they arrive the first time.

    May my MV student pick up lunch for my middle or elementary student? 

    Yes, however, they must have the ID of the middle or elementary school student. Younger students do not need to be present. 

    Where do I find my student's school email address? 

    Students should log into the portal and click on the link for G-suites for education located in the middle of the page. This will take them to their google drive. From here, they should click on the waffle in the top right-hand corner and select Gmail. This will take them to their school Gmail account. 

     My student is stuggling with academics. Whom should I contact?

    Please contact the student's teacher directly via e-mail. Teachers know your student best and are able to assist you with academic concerns and extra help. 





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