• Transportation

Arrivals and Departures

  • Students arriving before 8:55 must have a teacher pass to enter the building.  Those students without a pass will be directed to the gym until the school bell rings at 9:00 am.

    Parents who transport their children to and from school should make a right turn at the top of the driveway to enter into the carpool lane at the rear of the school building. Students may begin unloading at 8:50 with the doors opening at 8:55.  Students should exit the school bus or car and proceed immediately to homeroom. Breakfast stations will be located conveniently throughout the building so students may grab breakfast before school begins. The departures at 4:00 PM will follow the same procedure. Please see the school website for a map showing the expected flow of traffic for bus and car rider traffic.

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School Map

  • School Map of Transportation Route

Car Rider Information

  • With the increase in car riders this year, we really need the help of those of you who use our car rider lane in the morning and/or the afternoon.

    Please help us keep our students and staff safe by adhering to the following:

    • Morning & Afternoon Drop Off:  Students should not arrive prior to 8:15 unless they have prior permission and a pass from a specific teacher or they are a student in Mr. O'Connor's Biology class. Supervised Study Hall is available from 8:15-9:00 am, and students arriving during that time will need to report directly to the gym from the car rider lane. For the safety and security of everyone at Five Forks, we are unable to accommodate students before 8:15 am.  In the afternoon, car riders should be picked up no later than 4:15 pm. 
    • Drop Off in the Back of School:  Students must be dropped off at the blacktop in the back of the school. Do not unload anywhere else (ex. the band/orchestra room entrance) as it backs up traffic and causes safety issues.  Students should only unload at the sidewalk and should not walk among the cars at the back of the school to the blacktop. The only entry to the school is through the blacktop doors.   
    • Loading & Unloading:  When you pull up to the drop-off/pick up area, please load and unload quickly so that we can keep cars moving. Additionally, move up all the way up to the end of the sidewalk beside the gym.
    • Car Rider Lane:  The lane around the school is one way only. Please do not back up and/or drive the wrong way.  In the afternoons, please know that we keep you in the order that you arrive so do not cross lanes when picking up your child in the afternoon. 
    • Students Should Pay Attention:  In the afternoon, please ask your students to watch for your car. Our staff members will ask you to move up and we will send your child to you.  Students are not permitted to use electronic devices during this time since they are a distraction during the dismissal process. 
    • Load on Driver’s Side:  Whenever possible, please have your student get in on the driver's side. If they are going to the passenger side, please make sure that they walk in front of your car.
    • Do not pass on the right when students are loading/unloading. This is a safety hazard and could put our children in harm’s way. Remain in the line unless you are directed by a staff member to safely pass.
    • Whenever possible, have your child ride the bus.  We have a number of students who do not take advantage of Help Sessions and just come in for Study Hall.  Whenever possible, please have your child ride the bus.

    Our staff members are working very hard to keep the lanes moving quickly and safely. Please follow their directions and support them.

    We thank you for all that you do to support the safety of our students.