Philosophy Club

  • Visit the Brookwood Philosophy Club website at this link.

    Purpose of the Club

    1. To allow students to participate in informative discussions on a number of philosophical topics. These topics will be related to past and present notions. 
    2. Provide a positive, safe and respectable forum in which students share ideas and discuss issues in the pursuit of truth. 
    3. Provide opportunities for students to serve their community in their prospective areas of interest.

    Meeting Times and Dues

    • General meetings will be held weekly. Meeting locations and times will be in F17 at 2:20 PM on Wednesdays
    • Dues are $15.00 and are paid on my payments plus

    Join remind @4bgcae7 to (347) 894-2440


    Dr. Chetram 
    Mr. Walters


  • Thinking Man