Ultimate Frisbee Club

  • Welcome to BHS Ultimate Frisbee! 

    This club gives the opportunity to learn and perfect the skills needed to become an Ultimate Frisbee player. Through this club, we have formed three Ultimate Frisbee teams that compete at the state, regional, and national level. We currently have a JV, Varsity, and Girls team, and we encourage everyone to give Ultimate Frisbee a try (we will happily allow Middle Schoolers to participate with our teams as well).  Ultimate Frisbee begins in the Fall with our Fall League (September - November), followed by our tournament season (November - May).  Pay attention to the announcements for the date and time of an informational meeting for anyone wanting to participate.  

    Club Sponsor
    Erin Thompson (Program Co-Director and Coach)
    Email Ms. Thompson


    • Matt Thompson (Varsity and Program Co-Director)
    • Stephen Rockwell
    • Andrew Hickey

    BHS Ultimate Frisbee By-Laws and Constitution

    Affiliated with USA Ultimate

    Kids Teaching Kids Video Program:
    BHS Ultimate Members John Truong, Mike Peters, and Chris Hites (plus other kids) teaching R.D. Head Elementary students the basics of Ultimate Frisbee

    How to Throw and Catch

  • Frisbees

    For a full schedule of practices and games, visit our website - Brookwood Ultimate Frisbee Club

    Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @InfernoUltimate and Instagram: @brookwoodultimate