WISE Club (Women in Science and Engineering)

  • The WiSE Club is a club built for young women with goals of pursuing a STEM career. At each meeting, a woman speaker from a different profession will give information on their career, what steps they took to get where they are, and what challenges they overcame. The goal is to inform young women on different career options and encourage them to go into such fields.

    The club will meet once a month where a guest will speak on their career. The meetings would last from thirty minutes to an hour, allowing for students to ask questions and interact with the speaker. Each speaker would be a woman from a different STEM profession.

    Membership Eligibility
    Anyone is eligible to attend, however the meetings would be directed toward a female audience.
    The club will meet once a month until 3:00, usually on Wednesdays, in Mrs. Thornton’s classroom (C-10). 
    The club has $5 dues to Mrs. Thornton. This will be used for food and Thank You cards and gifts for guest speakers. A t-shirt may be made, so if students would like a t-shirt, they can purchase one.
    Meeting Dates for 1st Semester
    September 11, October 9, November 6, December 4
    Teacher Sponsor
    Mrs. Thornton
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