Brookwood Yearbook: Cayuse

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  • The yearbook is sold exclusively through
    The price will increase monthly.  

    August - $75
    September - $80
    October - $85
    November - $90
    December - $95
    January - March - $105

    If there are extra yearbooks to sell in May 2023, the price is $125. 

How to Join Yearbook Staff

  • Eligibility: Yearbook staff is open to all students who maintain an overall B average and also maintain a B average or better in Language Arts. Staff size is limited and try-outs are held in the spring. Contact teacher Mrs. Chatham at

    Meetings:  Our class meets during 7th period each day.  Some after-school time is required to complete deadlines.

    Teacher Sponsor:  Holly Chatham

Parents of (Rising) Seniors

    • Reserve space for a congratulations message honoring your child in the Cayuse yearbook.

      This section of the yearbook is very popular and a tradition for graduating seniors at Brookwood. Students, family, and friends all enjoy these special pages. The available space in the yearbook for these messages is limited. Because of this, we will accept reservations on a first-come/first-serve basis. Your payment of $130 purchases your child a one fourth (1/4) page space. In order to accommodate as many seniors as possible, we will include only one 1/4 page message per senior. 

      The deadline to reserve a spot for a message to your senior is toward the end of May (prior to entering senior year). 


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