General Information

  • Hello my name is Natalie Pugh and I have been a School Counselor in Gwinnett County since 2000. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Tuskegee University, my Master’s Degree from Southern University and A&M College, and my Educational Specialist degree from Troy State University.  I am also certified in grades Pre-K -8th in all subjects. My husband is also an educator and we have two wonderful boys. 

  • I am committed to providing school counseling services and support during our digital learning days.
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Why does my school have a counselor?

  • Elementary school counselors are master-degreed professionals who provide a school counseling program to support students, staff, parents and the community. School counselors develop a program that is comprehensive, developmental, and preventative. The program focuses on services that address academic, career, and personal/social development.

    All professional school counselors are trained to provide these services in a variety of efficient and effective methods, including:

    Core: Implementation of classroom lessons to teach skills and knowledge in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development.

    Counseling: Working with parents, teachers, and students to remove personal and social barriers to learning to increase student success. This includes:

    Individual and small group counseling: Consultation with parents and teachers regarding academic, personal or social issues.

    Children may face difficulties, which can prevent them from doing their best in school. These difficulties can include school adjustment issues, stress, family change, grief, fears, or difficulties with friendships. Having support through difficult times can be essential to a child’s educational success. Please let me know if there is a situation in which I may be of help. I look forward to working with all the students at Gwin Oaks Elementary School.