Box Tops Education, See This.. clip it. See This..scan your receipt.. No More clipping Scan your receipts see now at
Earn cash for Our school Box Tops for Education

BoxTops for Education

  • Did you know that Gwin Oaks participates in BoxTops?

    BoxTops for Education has transitioned to a digital program and you are no longer required to clip BoxTops from your packages.  However, they are still accepting these clipped BoxTops.  You can drop off your clipped BoxTops at the front desk.  The new program allows you to scan your receipts.  When you see the label on new purchases, simply scan your receipt with the BoxTops for Education app within 14 days of purchase, choose Gwin Oaks, and we will get credit! Check out the video below to see how it works! Our BoxTops money supports the Special Education program at Gwin Oaks. Thank you for supporting our students at Gwin Oaks!



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