• How to Become a Sugar Hill Business Partner

Business Partners' Program

  • The staff and administrators at Sugar Hill Elementary work hard every day to bring the best in education to all of our students. This job is made more difficult by smaller budgets, less funding from government sources and rising costs of materials, equipment and training. We are reaching out to the parents of our students, friends, family, local organizations and businesses to partner with us on this journey.

    Our Longhorn Business Partners program is an opportunity for you to help us invest further into our students with enhanced education materials and be able to continue to provide quality academics and programs at Sugar Hill Elementary. Longhorn Partners can specify an area of interest to donate to, such as Art, Music, Field Trips and Physical Education. 


  • Cowboy – Donation of $250

    Mention in school newsletter
    Name mentioned in school announcements
    Business logo placed on school website
    Business flyers/announcements distributed in Friday folders

  • Rancher – Donation of $750

    Same as Cowboy PLUS
    Materials distributed at 2 PTA events
    Business advertised via Sugar Hill Twitter Account

  • Trailblazer – Donation of $1500

    Same as Rancher PLUS
    Cafeteria board signage
    Two yard signs placed in carpool area (provided by business owner)

  • Chuck Wagon – Donation of $3000

    Same as Trailblazer PLUS
    Materials distributed at Open House
    Cafeteria board signage for advertisement
    Personal recognition by principal via PTA Meetings and Sugar Hill Twitter Account