• Basketball

  • Information


    In order to try out, you must meet the following criteria:

    1. You must have proof of insurance and showing good progress in academics and behavior during the first 9 weeks of this school year
    2. You must have passed 5 out of 6 classes in the spring semester of 7th grade
    3. You must not be a retainee
    4. You must not be a transition student
    5. You must have an active physical from a doctor (forms can be picked up in the front office). Physicals are good for one year (June 10-June 11, etc.)

    Click here for all physical forms needed

  • Coaches

    Girls Basketball Coach Stephen Bates

    Email: Stephen.Bates@gcpsk12.org

    Boys Basketball Coach Kyle Curle

    Email: Kyle.Curle@gcpsk12.org

  • Schedule

    Basketball Game Schedule

  • Boys Team Members

    Greg G.
    Jeremiah T.
    Deston C.
    Kevin K.
    Samuel M.
    Jeremiah C.
    Tyler J.
    Jaden G.
    Kyhlil N.
    Jordan H.
    Jackson B.
    Geonmin (Mark) P.
    Anthony N.
    Alex N.

  • Girls Team Members

    Hanyao Z.
    Angel C.
    Kristy L.
    Teara G.
    Taylor D.
    Sariah B.
    Sara M.
    Liliana I.
    Trinitee C.
    Jayla A.
    Nari A.
    Kiana H.
    Jasmine L.
    Brooklyn T.
    Kanei W.