• CMS School Counselors

    Ms. Dianne Parker and Margaret Hodges are the Coleman Middle School’s school counselors.

    The mission of the GCPS school counselors is to assist in removing barriers to students’ academic achievements and to promote a safe and secure environment by providing developmentally appropriate counseling services based on best practices.

    Mrs. Parker provides guidance through individual counseling/planning, small group counseling, large and small group guidance, classroom guidance, and parent and teacher consultation. Additionally, she coordinates school-wide program designed to enhance student success and encourage family involvement in the learning process.



  • Counselor Contact Information



    When should I contact the counselor?

    1. When your student or child is having difficulty achieving academically.
    2. When family changes interfere with academic progress.
    3. When you want to become more involved in your child’s educational and career choices.
    4. When you need help to interpret tests and school records and track progress.
    5. When you want to discover available resources and agencies for your student or your family.