• Student Dress Code


    Regulations for the student dress code at Duluth Middle School are published below. Teachers are asked to review the dress code with students at the beginning of the school year. If a student does not meet the dress code, they have the following choices:

    • They may call home for a change of clothes.
    • If a change of clothes is not available, the student will be placed in the ISS (In School Suspension) classroom for the remainder of the day.
    • If a change of clothes is available at school, they will be loaned to the student for the day. At the end of the day, students should return the change of clothes to the grade level office.

    While the following are guidelines, administrative discretion may be applied at any time. The dress code includes, but is not limited to the following:


    Tops & Bottoms

    • Short pants and skirts should be a reasonable length.
    • Pajama bottoms are not allowed at school.
    • Undergarments should never be visible.
    • Shirts should cover the midriff and waist.
    • No halter tops or strapless tops of any type.
    • Other shirts/blouses that should not be worn to school include, but are not limited to low-cut, see-through, backless, lingerie-like, and tube tops.



    • Headwear is prohibited and must be kept out of sight in the building. This includes, but is not limited to, caps, sock caps, hats, hoods, bandanas, wave caps, sweatbands, sunglasses, or other head coverings.
    • No combs, rakes, curlers or picks may be worn in the hair.
    • Exceptions for religious or medical reasons may be granted by the principal.



    • Shoes must be worn at all times.
    • Bedroom shoes (slippers) are not allowed.



    • Students may not wear blankets or capes to school.
    • No words, symbols, or artwork that advocates or depicts violence, or that is inflammatory or suggestive of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, sex, gang affiliation, hate groups, or other illegal activity should be expressed or implied.
    • No student clothing shall be disruptive to the school environment.
    • No accessories or jewelry that may be used as weapons are allowed to be worn at school. This includes, but is not limited to, wallet chains, spiked rings, spiked bracelets, two or three-finger rings that are joined, and bulky chains worn around the neck or waist.
    • Sharp objects that could pose a danger, such as spikes or safety pins are not allowed on clothing or book bags.
    • No gang-related clothing or symbols. Students are not allowed to display clothing or symbols that have been identified by the Gwinnett County Police Gang Task Force as being commonly identified with gangs. Garments, jewelry, body art, and tattoos that communicate gang allegiance are not allowed to be displayed at school, and no item may be worn in a manner that communicates gang affiliation.


    Dress code violations

    If there are continued dress code violations, administrative consequences will also be in order.