• Individual Counseling

    I recognize that students face a variety of obstacles to learning on any given day. While students are in school, it is imperative that they be prepared to learn in the classrooms. If a student’s mind is consumed by powerful thoughts and/or feelings that keep him/her from learning, then it is more beneficial for that student to receive individual counseling services than continue to sit in class and not learn. Reasons for seeking individual counseling services may include: changing family situations, traumatic experiences, anxiety, social skills, and anger control (to name a few).


    Consultation services include meeting with parents and teachers to explore strategies that help students become more successful. Consultation meetings can be scheduled via email or phone. My contact information can be found here.

    Small Group Counseling

    Sometimes, there are several students in the school dealing with similar obstacles to learning. In such cases, it is often more effective to conduct small group counseling sessions to help students learn to heal and cope with their life problems. Counseling groups cover topics such as grief, family changes, study skills, and social skills.

    Classroom Guidance

    Throughout the school year, I enter the classrooms and teach lessons on a variety of topics. The goal of classroom guidance is to equip students with life skills so that they will be better prepared to handle situations in life as they may arise. The character education model we use at BB Harris includes five pillars, which are respect, self-control, citizenship, courage, and kindness. Each of these pillars is intended to foster leadership skills in all of our students. Click here to view our Character Education Model