School Counseling

  • Our Vision

    Baggett Elementary will be an extraordinary school where students excel in academics and behavior to become world class learners who acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in college and careers.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Baggett school counseling program is to ensure that each student reaches his or her full potential by enhancing academic knowledge, skills, and behavior through partnering with parents, teachers, and the community. The Baggett school counseling program will be developmental, preventative, and proactive facilitating an atmosphere of encouragement and meeting the needs of all students, which will result in measurable improvement against local, national, and world-class standards.

    We believe….

    • You have worth and value
    • You have the ability to make wise decisions
    • You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect
    • You have the strength that can be built upon
    • You are ultimately responsible for your choices
    • You should never, never give up

    Baggett school counselor(s) shall abide by the professional ethics and guidance according to the American School Counselor Association

    What is an elementary school counselor?

    Professional School Counselors work with all students, school staff, families, and members of the community as an integral part of the education program. School counseling programs promote school success through a focus on academic achievement, prevention and intervention activities, advocacy, as well as, social/emotional and career development.