Visitor Management System (VMS)

  • As part of Gwinnett County Public Schools' focus on safety, our school is now using a visitor management system. This system, which requires visitors to be "buzzed" into the school, is intended to enhance the safety and security for both our students and staff by establishing greater door control. At our school, we have a number of entrances where you will find cameras and keypads that are part of the new system. With safety in mind, we want to share with you how the visitor management system works. 

    1. Once the school day begins, exterior doors automatically lock. Visitors will need to press the bell button on the visitor management system panel, and an office staff member will assist them.  
    2. We continue to ask visitors to our school to use the main entrance. Upon entering the school, they should follow our normal visitor procedure by signing in to receive a visitor's badge. 
    3. When visitors are ready to leave, they should exit the school building through the main entrance and officially check out by returning the visitor's badge to the office staff person. 

    As you know, Parkview is unique in that we have multiple buildings on our campus. As such, we have more doors than many schools--doors that students use to move between buildings during the day. As part of our updated safety measures, we have panels for the new visitor management system at other building entrances beyond our main entrance. 

    The visitor management system has been implemented successfully at other Gwinnett schools and the addition of this system to our campus will have a positive impact on our campus safety efforts. Thank you for your continued support and for working with us to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 

    To learn more, check out our visitor management system video introduction.