• Clubs & Activities

  • Please check back later in the year for an updated club/activity and sponsor list for the 2021-2022 school year. 

    We will begin our clubs in January 2022!


    Be on the lookout in Friday folders and the weekly school messenger for upcoming club information!

  • Chess Club (3rd-5th)

    Grades: 3rd-5th 

    Meeting Days: Wednesday mornings from 7:15-7:45 AM beginning in January.

    Description:  Chess is a game that promotes critical thinking and processing skills. It encourages students to use logical deductive reasoning to solve problems and increases concentration. Most of all, it is fun! To be a member of the Chess Club, students do not need to know how to play chess. We will teach the game to those who have never seen a chessboard and we will give a few strategies to those who are ready to compete.

    Registration: Through Mypaymentsplus

    Cost:  $15

    Club Sponsors: Erik Wenger & Heather Nevius

  • Jr. GEMS Club

    Grades:  Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grade Girls

    Meeting Days:  Mondays 3:00-3:45 beginning in Spring 2022.

    Description:  Jr. GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) Girls! Join us for fun, hands-on learning that incorporates STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) based projects! GEMS members will be held to high behavior expectations as they will be leaders and role models at Mulberry Elementary school.

    Registration: Look for more information in the Friday Folder in December

    Cost:  $10

    Club Sponsors: Crystal Trainer, Brooke Patterson

  • FLL Lego League Robotics

    Grades:  4th & 5th Grades

    Meeting Days:   Meet Mondays and Wednesdays after school beginning in October through competition in December.  Final competition day will be on a Saturday (TBD)

    Description: Do you enjoy building, designing and working with a team to create Robots using LEGOs? This Team might be for you! 

    Registration: Application Only-10 students from 4th and 5th grade.

    Cost:  TBD

    Club Sponsors: Melissa Timmerman, Jovanny Navarro

  • Readers Rally

    Grades: 4th & 5th Graders who qualify- Team limited to 10 members

    Meeting Days: During school hours with occassional meetings after school TBD.

    Description:  Do you like to read? Readers Rally is a quiz bowl style competition for students in 4th & 5th grade. Students read books from a predetermined list and answer questions about those books. Each Gwinnett County school may send one team of up to 10 players to the Readers Rally

    Registration: Obtain the book list from the Mulberry website so you can read the selected books, then tryouts are in September

    Cost:  $15

    Club Sponsor: Laura Franz

  • Wittzle Pro

    Description:  Witzzle Pro is for students who enjoy solving number puzzles. The children will be challenged to use critical thinking skills while playing a challenging game of speed “number crunching.” Students will also have the opportunity to participate in one or more Witzzle Pro tournaments.

    GradesOpen to all Fourth and Fifth graders 

    Registration:  Registration form will be sent home in Friday folders

    Meeting Date:TBD 7:15-7: 45 AM

    Registration Fee: $10

    Club Advisor: Jill Lambes

  • Student Council

    Description & Activities:  Student Council provides a unique opportunity for fourth and fifth grade students to learn leadership skills and participate in an important democratic process. Fifth grade students may campaign for positions as officers on the Student Council, and both fourth and fifth graders may run for class representative positions.

    Members are expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior, work habits, and attendance. Student council members receive specific leadership training. They build communication and mediation skills and participate in several school-wide initiatives including charity giving, and modeling leadership habits.

    Grades:  4-5 grades

    Meeting Days:  Once a month on Tuesday afternoons  3:15 - 4:00

    Cost:  none

    Club Sponsors:  Kathi Abraham, Heather Nevius, Nicole Provence, Monique Williams

  • Falcon Morning News Crew


    Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to train and produce the morning broadcast. Every fifth grader will have an opportunity to take part with the morning broadcast. Our morning news crew consists of news anchors, Chef Antonio, camera operators, sound mixer, floor director, teleprompter, and story board mixer.

    Meeting Dates: 

    Every morning 8:00 AM to 8:25 AM Students are chosen by the teacher to participate in the news crew based on the fifth grade rotation.

    Activity Sponsors:

    Laura Franz, Chanda Smith, Melissa Timmerman

  • Mulberry Student Ambassadors


    Mulberry Elementary School Student Ambassadors are 5th grade student leaders who have been selected to assist staff in welcoming students and guests into our school and ensuring their safety and comfort. These students show leadership skills and act as role models for other students in our school. Ambassadors are chosen at the end of the 4th grade. In order to be considered for selection, students must fill out an application form, which includes a short essay. Students are chosen based on current leadership skills as observed by their teachers as well as those who show the potential and motivation to develop and strengthen their skills as leaders during the year.

    The responsibilities of Mulberry Student Ambassadors include but are not limited to:

    • Safety Patrols – Students will serve as Safety Patrols during arrival and dismissal every morning and afternoon, helping faculty and staff ensure that all students are safe during those times.
    • Peer Leaders - During special school events, students will serve as a welcoming presence at Mulberry, providing directions and support to our guests, faculty and staff. Peer Leaders will also provide support to teachers during dismissal.

    For more information about this program, please contact Nicole Provence, School Counselor at (678) 226-7478.

    Club Sponsor:

    Nicole Provence