• Dual Enrollment


  • DE Updates!

    Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our dual enrollment zoom meeting on January 14, 2021. I apologize to those who experienced issues with the link or those who did not receive the email. We did have a handful of invitiations bounce back to us because of incorrect email addresses. 

    Below on the left hand side, you will find a plethera of information regarding dual enrollment, including information about the process for applying, sending transcripts, sending test scores, and more. We will be adding more to this section, so please stay tuned! 

    Below on the right, you will find links to our presentation as well as the packet you must fill out and return to me no later than February 5th, 2021. 


    For general questions, please email Mrs. Ludewig or Mrs. Novelly. It is not necessary to make an appointment at this time. We will begin the appointment process with students after the February 5th deadline. 

    Mrs. Ludewig: jennifer.ludewig@gcpsk12.org
    Mrs. Novelly: kristine.novelly@gcpsk12.org

  • 21-22 Dual Enrollment Instructions

    Below, you will find general information regarding how we will proceed with the dual enrollment process for students interested in the Summer 2021 and/or Fall 2021 semesters. For students new to dual enrollment, we recommend beginning in Fall 2021 and not Summer 2021.

    For more information regarding Dual Enrollment, please visit GA Futures' Dual Enrollment page by clicking here.

    Students wishing to participate in Dual Enrollment for the upcoming year must complete the following steps: 

    1) Complete the dual enrollment packet and return it to Mrs. Ludewig via email or in person (no appointment needed to turn in paperwork). My email address is jennifer.ludewig@gcpsk12.org. THIS FORM MUST BE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 5TH IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN DUAL ENROLLMENT FOR THE 21-22 SCHOOL YEAR. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    2) Create an account through Georgia Futures at www.gafutures.org. Log into this account, and complete a dual enrollment application. Note that there are 2 parts to this form- one for students and one for parents. Both must be completed in order to continue through the dual enrollment process

    3) Apply to the college/university you are interested in attending for dual enrollment. Requirements vary, but most schools will want an official high school transcript, test scores (current requirements vary with COVID), and immunization records. The student is responsible for providing those to the college. 

    *Please note you may work on these three steps at the same time. One does not have to be completed in order for you to being the next one.* 

    4) Remember to sign up for the ACT/SAT if scores are needed for your institution. You should aim to participate in the February date for ACT or the March date for SAT. Do not forget to have scores sent to your college/university of choice. 

    Regarding SAT/ACT Testing Requirements

    Due to current COVID procedures, some schools are not requiring test scores, or scores are test optional for Fall 2021 DE admission. Some schools ARE requiring test scores for admission and/or placement purposes. Some institutions are utilizing the Accuplacer as well. Please check with your individual institution for more information. Please note that some institutions are offering the option of using PSAT scores submitted by counselors. Gwinnett County prohibits schools from submitting PSAT scores on the student's behalf, so we are unable to accommodate this request. 

    If you do need to submit tests scores, this must be done through College Board (SAT) or ACT. Counselors cannot submit test scores on a student's behalf. This can be accomplished one of two ways:

    1. When signing up to take the SAT or ACT, students have the opportunity to list 4 colleges/universities in which to have scores sent for free. 
    2. If a student has already taken the SAT or ACT and HASN'T sent scores, you may go to the College Board (SAT) website or ACT's website to request scores be sent. There is a fee associated with this option. 

    Regarding Transcripts

    Students who need to submit their high school transcript for DE may do so through Georgia Futures. If you have a Georgia Futures account and are receiving an error message when trying to send your transcript, it is most likely due to you not having your social security number on file at Collins Hill. Your SSN is added by bringing your card or a copy of your card to school so that we may make a copy of it to add to your file. If you are unable to successfully submit your transcript through Georgia Futures, you will instead need to request a physical transcript that you will then need to drop off at the college's admissions office. 

    A note about transcripts: Often, colleges and universities will receive transcripts, but your application status will not reflect this. It can take colleges 2-3 weeks during high volume application times to enter into their system that the transcript was received. Please continue to check in with the school regarding transcript reception, but understand that these things take time for the schools to enter manually.