• Dual Enrollment


  • 3/24/2020

    I have updated all Dual Enrollment information to include information regarding delays and altered procedures due to the COVID-19 situation for both current and prospective Dual Enrollment students. Additionally, you will find more information regarding HB 444 as well as the new Students Participation Agreement that is now part of the GA Futures DE Funding Application. Even if you have already met with your counselor and applied, PLEASE familiarize yourselves with the information below. Please direct any questions to jennifer.ludewig@gcpsk12.org. Thanks!

  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding procedures during Digital Learning Days

    *Please note that all information is subject to change as the COVID-19 situation progresses.

    What are the due dates for Dual Enrollment?

    Currently, The Dual Enrollment packet is due to Mrs. Ludewig by May 1st. Any packets received past this point will not be considered for the Dual Enrollment Program. You may submit this to me via email at jennifer.ludewig@gcpsk12.org. Application due dates for respective institutions are subject to change. I encourage students to continually check the college/university websites for updates as well. I've included some quick links to our most-used colleges and universities below:

    Click here for GGC's Dual Enrollment page

    Click here for GTC's Dual Enrollment page

    Click here for UNG's Dual Enrollment page (note that students should follow guidelines for DUAL enrollment, not Joint Enrollment)

    For SUMMER Dual Enrollment, GTC's early admission deadline is still March 27th. GGC's deadline is now May 1st. 

    How can I send my transcript? 

    Currently, we recommend students send their transcripts through GA Futures. If you are receiving an error when trying to do this, it is most likely due to your Social Security Number (SSN) not being on file at Collins Hill. Currently, we do not have a solution to this problem, but we are in contact with the county regarding any potential solutions and will update if anything changes. Collins Hill High School employees unfortunately do NOT have the authorization to email transcripts to colleges and universities. 

    What do I do if I couldn't take the March SAT or April ACT? 

    For GGC students, the current advice is to sign up to take the June ACT and/or SAT as soon as possible. Please be sure to designate your scores to go to GGC when you sign up. Sending them afterward may be too late. 

    For GTC students, please reach out to Mrs. Ludewig regarding submitting your PSAT scores to see if they meet the test requirement for GTC. If you are interested in taking the Accuplacer, please email AssessmentCenter@GwinnettTech.edu for more information. 

    For all other colleges & universities, please contact the college dual enrollment coordinator for more information. 

    I have my packet but couldn't turn it before school closed. What should I do? 

    Please take pictures of the application and submit it to Mrs. Ludewig at jennifer.ludewig@gcpsk12.org

    I did not have the chance to meet with my counselor before school closed. Can I still participate? 

    Yes. You must do this before May 1st. Please email your counselor to discuss your plans via email or via a Google Meet session. Counselor contact information can be found here. 

  • Current 19-20 School Year Dual Enrollment Participants

    All current Dual Enrollment students should be staying in contact with their teachers and advisors at the college/university they are attending. Most institutions have emailed me that they expect students to be checking their COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY ISSUED EMAIL ADDRESS for updates and information regarding their responses to COVID-19. Please continue to check your college/university email daily. 

  • Changes to DE as a result of HB 444

    HB 444 brings a lot changes to the Dual Enrollment program. The bill has passed both the House and Senate, and we are now waiting for Governor Kemp to sign it to make things official. While it is possible that some information may change, these are the major changes that we will be seeing for the upcoming year. Please see the document linked below for more information on changes in Dual Enrollment. 

    Changes to the Dual Enrollment Program

    A couple of important notes:
    - Freshmen students are no longer eligible to participate in the Dual Enrollment program. This includes Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer semester after freshman year. 
    - In regards to the new cap on hours, students currently in the dual enrollment are NOT "grandfathered in." Students with 18 or less hours (including Spring 2020 semester) may take up to 30 hours. Students with 19 hours or more may take 12 more semester hours total. There are NO exceptions to this. A couple of examples: 

    Student A has taken 6 hours worth of courses. This student may take another 24 hours of Dual Enrollment courses. 

    Student B has taken 12 hours worth of courses. This student may take another 18 hours of Dual Enrollment courses.

    Student C has taken 24 hours worth of courses. This student may take another 12 hours of Dual Enrollment courses. 

    Student D has taken 36 hours worth of courses. This student may take another 12 hours of Dual Enrollment courses

  • Dual Enrollment for the 20-21 School Year

    With the changes in applications and the passing of HB 444, we already anticipated a lot of changes and adjustments to the Dual Enrollment process this year. As you may expect, the COVID-19 situation has indeed complicated our procedures and processes for Summer dual enrollment and beyond. 

    Below, you will find general information regarding how we will proceed with the dual enrollment process for students interested in the Summer and/or Fall 2020 semesters. Please note that this situation is extremely fluid, and this information is subject to change at any time. I will continue to update this website with new information as I receive it. 

    For more information regarding Dual Enrollment, please visit GA Futures' Dual Enrollment page by clicking here.

    Students wishing to participate in Dual Enrollment for the upcoming year must complete the following steps: 

    1) Fill out the application for Dual Enrollment through the school in which you are interested. Please be sure to select options that show you are a dual enrollment student. 
    2) Fill out the Student Participation Agreement (SPA) form as well as the Funding Application through Georgia Futures. This may all be one application at this point, but I unfortunately don't have the ability to see things from the student perspective at this time so I don't know for sure. IMPORTANT: Students who previously filled out the paper SPA agreement MUST fill out the online SPA agreement as well. 
    3) If you haven't already, please submit the GCPS permission form to me. You may find this form here. My email address is jennifer.ludewig@gcpsk12.org. You may simply take a picture of the two pages and email them to me. At this time, all permission forms are due to Mrs. Ludewig no later than May 1st. 

    Regarding SAT/ACT Testing Requirements

    We recognize that some students may have been signed up for the March SAT or April ACT. Students interested in DE at GGC may sign up to take the June ACT and/or SAT. Please be sure to submit scores directly to GGC when you sign up, as submitting after the fact may be too late. For students interested in Gwinnett Tech, please consider submitting PSAT scores OR taking the accuplacer. At this time, the only option would be to submit PSAT scores. If you need your PSAT scores submitted, you MUST contact Mrs. Ludewig to have them submitted. My email address is jennifer.ludewig@gcpsk12.org.

    Regarding Transcripts

    Students who need to submit their high school transcript for DE may do so through Georgia Futures. If you have a Georgia Futures account and are receiving an error message when trying to send your transcript, it is most likely due to you not having your social security number on file at Collins Hill. Typically, your SSN is added by bringing your card to school so that we may make a copy of it to add to your file. At this time, we do not have a plan in place for updating your SSN, however we are working with the county and the colleges/universities to find a solution. Any updates will be posted here. 

  • The New SPA & Funding Application

    As mentioned in other sections, GSFC has rolled out a new application. Now, the previous paper Student Participation Agreement (SPA) is part of the Funding Application. If you filled out a paper SPA form, you will still need to fill out the electronic SPA form. If you previously ONLY filled out the Funding Application, once you log into GA Futures and go to your DE Dashboard, you should be able to update your application to include the Student Participation Agreement. 

    Gwinnett Tech has graciously distributed a step-by-step guide for navigating the new all-in-one application. While the prompts on this document are for Gwinnett Tech, you may use this as a guide for any other college or university you are applying to should you need some help. Click here for the step-by-step SPA & Funding Application walkthrough.


  • 20-21 Dual Enrollment Packet

    Below you will find a link to the Dual Enrollment (DE) instructions as well as the GCPS permission form for Dual Enrollment. While all dates are subject to change, at this time, this form must be turned in to Mrs. Ludewig by May 1st. My email address is jennifer.ludewig@gcpsk12.org.

  • Please see the presentation below for general information regarding the Dual Enrollment program.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.