• Appointments

  • Appointment Procedures

    Student appointments:

    Students may continue to make appointments with their counselor through the scheduler below. If your student needs an appointment outside of your counselor's availability, please have them contact their counselor directly.
    Counselor emails can be found here


    Students will come to the counseling office during their scheduled appointment time. Students may use their email confirmation as proof of appointment if a teacher/staff member requests to see a pass. We advise students to make appointments during their advisement or lunch time. If you do have an appointment during a class period, please note you are responsible for any information missed during your absence in class. Please avoid scheduling appointments during tests or quizzes. 


  • Students

  • A note regarding student appointments:
    Students, if you do not see an available time slot for your counselor, there is a counselor available at counselor's corner during all six lunch periods that may be able to answer your questions or concerns. Additionally, you may email your counselor to request an appointment if none are available at the time you need. 

  • Parents/Guardians

  • Parent/Counselor Appointments

    Parents who would like an appointment with their student's counselor should contact the student's counselor directly. Please have multiple dates and times available, and the counselor will make an appointment as soon as their availability allows. You must make an appointment to see your student's counselor. If you do not have an appointment, we cannot guarantee that your child's counselor will be available to meet with you. Click here to view a list of staff emails

    Parent/Teacher Conference

    For academic, emotional, and/or social concerns affecting multiple classes and teachers, you may contact your student's counselor directly to arrange a parent/teacher conference with the student's team of teachers, the counselor, and the assistant principal. Click here to view a list of staff emails

    Individual Teacher Conference

    If you would like to meet with your student's teacher, please email the teacher directly. Click here to view a list of staff emails. For more information regarding Collins Hill's protocol for dealing with an academic concern, please see below: 

    Step 1: The student will try to resolve the concern by communicating with the teacher. If the concern is not resolved, continue to step 2.

    Step 2: The student will communicate the concern with their parent/guardian at which time the parent/guardian must contact the teacher to try and resolve the concern. If the concern is not resolved, continue to step 3. 

    Step 3: The parent/guardian will contact the department chair for the teacher to attempt to resolve the concern. If the concern is not resolved, continue to step 4. 

    Step 4: The parent/guardian will contact the student's assistant principal to request a meeting with the student's assistant principal, student's teacher, parent/guardian, and student.