• Advanced Placement

  • AP Overview

    We will be updating this information for 2021-2022 registration shortly.  Please check back!

  • AP Exam Registration and Information

    Fall Semester AP Exam Registration
    All students must first join their teacher’s AP Classroom by using a join code. This can be done now.

    Students then pay for their exam by using My Payments Plus which will be open September 30th through November 8th.  *except for the spring semester courses listed here:

    Registration for AP Government/Politics, and AP Macroeconomics.
    Students must register in My Payments Plus
    Registration window opens January 6th through March 7th

    Key AP Fall Registration Information:

    The registration window will be open September 30th - November 8th.  Students will need to register and pay for AP exams by November 8th. Students enrolled in the spring semester AP courses will have another registration window (without a late fee) to register and pay for exams. The spring semester window will be January 6th through March 7th.

    All AP students must join their teacher’s AP Classroom first in order for an exam to be ordered. Teachers have provided their students with join codes for their AP Classes. If your student has not received their join code, please encourage them to speak with their AP Teacher.

    Visit My Payments Plus to register and pay for AP exam(s). Registration will be open from September 30th through November 8th.

    Please note that GCPS pays the fee for the first AP exam for all GCPS students currently enrolled in an AP course. The student is only responsible for the $10 non-refundable registration fee. Each additional exam is $94. 

    Free/Reduced Lunch students that plan to take AP exams will need to register and order AP exams in My Payments Plus. Free/Reduced Lunch students will only be required to pay the $10 non-refundable registration fee once.

    Each student will be required to agree to the My Payments Plus terms before completing the AP exam registration.

    Each student will be required to confirm that they understand that they will be required to pay a $45 fee if they cancel any AP exam registration after the deadline or if they miss or skip any AP exam before completing the AP exam registration. This fee will be per exam.

    Instructions for using My Payments Plus to Register and Pay for AP Exams

    My Payments Plus can be accessed at https://www.MyPaymentsPlus.com.  If you are not already registered, click “Register for a FREE Account.” Once you have set up an account or if you currently have an account, simply sign in.

    On the home screen, click under the heading “Other Payments/ Advanced Placement Exam Registration. “

    Next, click the drop-down menu and select the exam your student wishes to take.

    After selecting the exam, follow the steps below to register for the exam:

    1. Click “Important Exam Information” to review the required documentation.

    2. After reviewing, click the checkbox to confirm you have reviewed the document. You cannot proceed with registration until you have confirmed that you have reviewed this document.

    3. From the drop-down menu, select the exam date.

    4. Indicate if your student requires special accommodations. Important note: In order for a student to participate in AP Exams with accommodation from an IEP or 504 Plan, the accommodations MUST be approved by the College Board. It is the parent and/or student’s responsibility to contact the AP Testing Team to complete the process. Selecting “Yes” during exam registration does NOT serve as contact to the local school. Follow the steps outlined above under “Students with Special Accommodations.”

    5. Once you have completed these steps, click “Submit Registration.”

    Repeat the process above to register for additional exams.

    Once you have selected all exams for registration, click “Continue Payment” and follow the prompts to compete your payment. Once you have completed registration, the exam will show a status of “Enrolled” on the main payment screen. You can click on “details” to see additional exam information.

    Important Note: Once you have completed the registration and payment process and enrolled in an exam, you must contact the AP Testing Team to make any changes to the enrolled exam.

    More Information

    The AP Bulletin for AP Students and Parents contains information about earning college credit, cancelling scores, basic policies and procedures, the AP exam schedule, and what students can and cannot bring to the exam room on test day. The bulletin can be accessed electronically but has not yet been released. We will communicate when the bulletin becomes available.

    Contact Dr. Holt at (770) 277-4542 or email him at Marcellus.holt@gcpsk12.org if you have any questions. See below for instructions on how to use My Payment Plus.

  • AP Recognition

    Collins Hill High School is proud to announce it was recognized by the Georgia Department of Education in FIVE categories for our Advanced Placement program in 2018:

    AP Access and Support, AP Merit, AP STEM, AP STEM Achievement and AP Humanities!

    Way to Soar, Eagles!

  • AP Course Offerings

    Please check back for 2021-2022 Registration information soon!

  • Dropping AP Courses


    Advanced Placement classes have content that is both rigorous and challenging. These courses are taught at the college level and must meet certain criteria as outlined on the College Board’s Advanced Placement website. Based on their performance on the rigorous exams in each course administered in May and based on the policies of each college, it is possible for students to obtain college placement exemptions or college credit. Course descriptions and course requirements are outlined on the College Board website. If you are looking for additional information about the benefits of taking AP Courses and Exams, the College Board has a lot of material available for review, including this pamphlet.

    Some of CHHS's AP courses have summer assignments for students to complete. 

    Advanced Placement offerings are contingent upon sufficient enrollment of interested, self-disciplined, and self-motivated students who are willing to commit to considerable out-of-class preparation. Certain AP courses require prerequisite courses. Students taking AP classes will be required to sign an AP contract.