• Advanced Placement

  • 2019-2020 AP Updates - Important Changes

    The College Board is making several changes that impact our advanced placement students: 

      • Registration for AP Exams will take place during the fall semester.
      • Students will need to join each AP Class Section in myap.collegeboard.org
      • In order to register for exams, students will need to register on MyPaymentsPlus AND in the AP Class Section.

    Helpful Information about these changes:

    Handout for Parents and Students 2019

    Handout for Parents and Students 2019 (Spanish)

    Joining Your AP Class Section

  • AP Overview

    To explore the benefits of taking AP courses versus Dual Enrollment courses, please review our AP and Dual Enrollment Presentation.

  • AP Exam Registration and Information

    2019-20 Registration for AP Exams will end November 10th.


    Registration for AP exams will need to be completed both in your College Board account AND in MyPaymentsPlus.

    All students must pay a nonrefundable $10 registration fee, even those students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch. Gwinnett County Schools will pay for one exam for each student and additional exams for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch. The cost per exam this year is $94. An additional no show fee will be charged to students who register, but do not take the exam.


    Phones and other electronics, bags that are not clear, wallets, thermoses, and calculator cases should NOT be brought to the testing site and will not be allowed in the room. We will collect any items brought to the testing location that is not permitted. CHHS is not responsible for the safety of these items as they should not be brought to the testing location.

    Exams will be given at Collins Hill High School. Exams are only being offered for the courses we offer at CHHS.

  • AP Recognition

    Collins Hill High School is proud to announce it was recognized by the Georgia Department of Education in FIVE categories for our Advanced Placement program in 2018:

    AP Access and Support, AP Merit, AP STEM, AP STEM Achievement and AP Humanities!

    Way to Soar, Eagles!

  • AP Course Offerings

    To learn more about the AP courses offered at Collins Hill High School, please review our 2020-2021 AP Course Offering List.

    Are you a rising 9th grader who is interested in possibly taking an AP course?  We have two great options for you!  AP Human Geography and AP Computer Science Principles. 

    Interested in taking AP Human Geography?

    Talk to your 8th grade Social Studies teacher about whether or not it might be a good fit for your schedule.

    Questions? Email: kevin.kelly@gcpsk12.org  

    Have you taken Intro to Digital Tech and taken the credit?

    You are eligible for AP Computer Science Principles.
    Questions? Email: karen.curtis@gcpsk12.org

  • Dropping AP Courses


    Advanced Placement classes have content that is both rigorous and challenging. These courses are taught at the college level and must meet certain criteria as outlined on the College Board’s Advanced Placement website. Based on their performance on the rigorous exams in each course administered in May and based on the policies of each college, it is possible for students to obtain college placement exemptions or college credit. Course descriptions and course requirements are outlined on the College Board website. If you are looking for additional information about the benefits of taking AP Courses and Exams, the College Board has a lot of material available for review, including this pamphlet.

    Some of CHHS's AP courses have summer assignments for students to complete. 

    Advanced Placement offerings are contingent upon sufficient enrollment of interested, self-disciplined, and self-motivated students who are willing to commit to considerable out-of-class preparation. Certain AP courses require prerequisite courses. Students taking AP classes will be required to sign an AP contract.