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  • Google Classroom

    Many of our upper elementary teachers use Google Classroom.

    Accessing Google Classroom - Please follow these steps for setting up your student's GCPS Google account for the first time.

    Additional Google Classroom Resources

  • Changing Your Chrome Browser User

    Frequently a new user needs to be added to existing Chrome accounts so students can access their GCPS Google Classroom. Use the directions below to help guide you through this process.

    Changing Your Chrome Browser User (Handout)

    Changing Your Chrome Browser User (Video)

  • Multiple Google Accounts - Sign Out All Accounts

    When using G Suite, please make sure to sign out of all other personal accounts.


  • Setting Up School Chromebooks at Home

    If your student checked out a Chromebook from our school, please follow these directions.

    1) Connect to home WiFi

    IMPORTANT - You must connect to your home WiFi network FIRST before logging in. (Note - If the Portal is down, students will not be able to log into the school Chromebook until the site is up & running again.)

    Setting Up School Chromebooks: ENGLISH - SPANISH

    2) For Zoom to work correctly on Chromebooks, please follow these directions.

    Adding Zoom to School Chromebooks

  • Troubleshooting Personal Chromebooks

    If you are having trouble with a personal Chromebook, most likely you have conflicting Google accounts.

    Troubleshooting Personal Chromebooks Help Sheet