• General Information

  • Schedule

    The media center is open to students from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM

    Taylor Elementary's Media Center is a bustling hub of reading and activity!  Students may come with their classes for whole class checkout, interactive story time, research, and/or checkouts. They may also come independently or with small groups for checkouts and research with advance notice. 

    Mrs. Lovejoy is our Media Specialist and Mrs. VanScoter is our Media clerk. We are both so excited to share our love of books, learning, and literacy with our students, faculty, and community!

  • Reading Suggestions

    We are constantly adding to our collection.  Drop by the media center so we can help you find the right book for you!​ 

    Visit the Online Search Library for eBooks, Databases, and lots of learning opportunities!

    Watch the video below to learn how to access our online database and to put a book on hold.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions!!! 

  • Book Checkout

    Book Checkout

    Kindergarten students may check out one book at a time for one week.

    Second through Fourth Grade students may check out two books at a time for one week. Fifth Grade students may checkout and renew three books for two weeks.

    Students must return any overdue books before checking out more books. All grade levels are limited to one Graphic Novel (comic book style) checkout at a time.

    Book Return

    All classrooms have designated times to return books and come to the Media Center for read-alouds and lessons. We encourage all classrooms to have a designated book return area in the classroom and assign weekly classroom Media Helpers that will return books to us by 9:30am on their day.

    We also encourage all students to keep books in their backpacks after reading them at home each night.  Even though books may be borrowed for 1-2 weeks to enjoy at home with family, when it is their class day to go to the Media Center, the book will already be where they need it.   This also makes it less likely to get lost on a bookshelf or closet at home. 

  • Lost or Damaged Books

    Students must pay $15 to replace a lost or damaged library book. Fees may be paid by cash or check in the media center or on MyPaymentsPlus after the fine has been recorded.

  • Circulation

    Taylor students in Kindergarten can check out one book.  Students in second through fourth grades can check out two books. Fifth grade students may checkout three books.  All students are limited to one Graphic Novel (comic book style book) at a time. All materials can be borrowed for up to two weeks.

    We encourage students to read widely, choosing books that they are excited about. We are happy to provide guidance and assistance to every reader so they can find their next favorite book.

    The media center belongs to all of us. For that reason, we take care of and return books on time so that others in our reading community can enjoy them. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, we ask that, in line with GCPS policy, you help us replace it for a nominal fee.  Lost and damaged book fees can be paid through MyPaymentsPlus.