• Digital Citizenship at Collins Hill


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  • What is Digital Citizenship?

    Digital citizenship is the quality of habits, actions, and consumption patterns of technology that affect individuals and communities. Basically, it is the behaviors and attitudes we exhibit when using the technological tools vital to our digital lives. There are many aspects of being a good digital citizen such as recognizing your digital footprint, being safe online, and how to effectively communiate in our technological age.


    How does Collins Hill teach digital citizenship to its community?

    Collins Hill takes a multi-faceted approach to teaching our community about digital citizenship.  First, we use curriculum developed by Common Sense Media to teach students about digital citizenship through our advisement classes. Second, beginning in January 2020, every month will have a different digital citizenship focus, and there will be two ways we approach these topics. First, we will send out a short desciption of the topic to the community via our school website, social media channels, and school newsletter. We hope this way parents can speak with their students about what it means at school and at home to be a good digital citizen. In addition, weekly digital citizenship tips and bits of information will be included in our daily announcements and our scrolling news announcements.