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  • K-2 Go on a hunt for different letter styles 

    Young writers can be confused by the different ways letters appear when printed. Is "a" the same as "A"? Look through magazines and newspapers with your child and cut out uppercase and lowercase letters in as many fonts and sizes as you can find. Help your child sort the letters and paste all the examples of each letter onto a separate index card. Your child will learn a variety of ways each letter can look.


    3-5 Get to the bottom of underachievement 

    When your child's achievement in school is well below her ability, it's time to take action. First, talk to her teacher. Your child may be bored. Is there a project that might challenge her? Work together to find solutions. Outside school, look for activities that use your child's strengths. If the problem continues, ask a doctor how to test your child for learning disabilities (LD). 

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