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  • K-2 Easier mornings start the night before 

    In many families, weekday mornings are often messy and disorganized. To make yours more manageable, get ready the night before. Have your child lay out clothes, finish homework and put his backpack by the door. Make sure he gets enough sleep, too. Sleepy, crabby kids are hard on parents and teachers and they can't learn well. Stock portable breakfast choices that can go out the door with your child. 

    3-5 Make reading aloud an interactive activity 

    When you read with your child, try these tips to improve his reading comprehension. Pause from time to time to ask questions about the story, such as, "Why do you think the character did that?" Discuss the pictures, too. Look for words that start with the same letter, and talk about the letter's sound. When you finish reading, have your child act out the story. 


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