• Counseling Standards and Competencies


  • Eighth Grade Competencies

    1. Understand how school success and academic achievement enhance future opportunities. (CE. Citizenship. Patriotism) BS: LS: 1,7. SM: 5,8.
    2.  Demonstrate study skills and habits that can be used in various educational settings (i.e. time management, test-taking skills, note-taking, etc.) (CE. Commitment. Perseverance)BS: LS: 3,7; SM: 1,2,5,6.
    3.  Identify school rules and student responsibilities and how they contribute to a positive educational environment. (QCC)(8HE_G2002-11,12) (CE. Citizenship. Cooperation. Respect for Self. Respect for Others) BS: SM: 1,2,8,10; SS: 5,6,9.
    4.  Apply learned strategies to successfully transition to high school. (GPS) (8SS_B2007-15) (CE .Commitment. Perseverance) BS: SM: 1,2,8,10; SS: 5,6,9.
    5.  Develop a tentative schedule for ninth grade taking into consideration academic strengths, academic majors, and career interests. (CE. Diligence. Perseverance) BS: LS: 3,7; SM: 10.
    6.  Identify how their interests and talents relate to career choices. (CE. Respect for Self. Work Ethic) BS: LS: 6,7,10; SM: 5,8.
    7.  Identify skills and behaviors which will help one be successful in the world of work. (GPS)(8SS_B2007-15) (CE .Respect for Self, Work Ethic) BS: LS: 1,2,3,4,5,7,9; SM: 1,2,3,6,7,10; SS: 1,4,6,7,9.
    8.  Identify skills necessary for dealing with life changes. (QCC)(8HE_C2002-3) (GPS)(8SS_B2007-15) (CE. Courage. Diligence) BS: SM: 1,2,6,7,10; SS: 5,6,9.
    9.  Identify ways to recognize and respond to bullying/harassment (including cyber/media). (QCC)(8HE_B2002-2,11) (CE. Respect for Self. Respect for Others. Integrity. Tolerance. Kindness) BS; SM: 1,2,7; SS: 2,4,5,8,9.

  • Seventh Grade Competencies

    1. Identify ways to improve study skills (including time management, goal setting, and organizational skills). (7SK_A1999-1,2,6,7) (CE. Commitment. Perseverance) BS: LS: 3,7; SM: 1,2,5,6.
    2. Identify ways to take tests and how to control test anxiety. (7SK_A1999-10) (CE. Courage) BS: SM: 6,7,10.
    3. Utilize assessment data to direct educational goals/plans. (7SK_A1999-3) BS: LS: 1,5,9.
    4. Identify benefits of a positive work environment and how work ethics contribute to such an environment (include characteristics and responsibilities associated with a strong work ethic and/or a drug free work place). (QCC)(7HE_G2002-11,12) (CE. Respect for Self) BS: LS: 7; SS: 5,6,7,9.
    5. Acquire skills to explore career choices in relation to skills and interests; Identify skills and behaviors which will help one to be successful in a chosen career. BS: LS: 7; SS: 1,6,7.
    6. Demonstrate ways to control emotions and behaviors (including ways to appropriately express anger and frustrations). (CE. Respect for Self, Self -Control) BS: SM: 1,2,7,9,10; SS: 1,2,4,5,7,8,9.
    7. Identify ways that verbal and nonverbal communication skills can help to solve problems and improve relationships while demonstrating ways to mediate peacefully and settle conflicts. (GPS)(7LA_A1998-2) (CE. Respect for Others. Integrity. Tolerance. Kindness) BS: SM: 7,10; SS: 1,2,4,6,8,9.
    8. Identify ways to be fair in how one treats others. (QCC)(7HE_G2002-11) (CE. Respect for Others. Kindness. Accountability) BS: SS: 4,6,9.
    9. Identify ways to resist negative peer pressure and protect personal safety. (QCC)(7HE_B2002-2) (CE. Respect for Self. Respect for Others. Integrity. Tolerance. Kindness) BS: SM: 2,7,9; SS: 5,6,8,9.
    10. Recognize the importance of being responsible for one’s actions. (CE. Citizenship. Honor. Responsibility. Accountability) BS: SM: 1,2,7; SS: 5,6,9.

  • Sixth Grade Competencies

    1. Apply learned strategies to successfully transition to middle school (6SK_A199-1-10) (CE. Perseverance) BS: LS: 3,4,7.
    2.  Explore the relationship between classroom performance and success in school (6SK_A199-1-10) (CE. Perseverance. Diligence) BS: :LS: 1,4,7,8; S-M: 3,5,6,8.
    3.  Recognize the importance of becoming a self-directed and independent learner (6SK_A199-1-10) (CE. Perseverance.) Diligence) BS: LS: 1,4,7,8; S-M: 1,2,3,5,8,10.
    4.  Establish and implement challenging academic goals (6SK_A199-3) (CE. Perseverance. ) Diligence. Courage) BS: LS: 6,7,8; S-M: 3,5,8,10.
    5.  Explore the relationship between interests and talents. BS: LS:7,10.
    6.  Demonstrate an understanding of how feelings affect behaviors. (GPS)(6LA_A2005-4) (CE. Respect for Self, Self-Control, Virtue) BS: S-M: 1,2,7; SS: 4,5,6,8,9.
    7.  Demonstrate knowledge of ways to deal with others who display bullying behaviors (including cyber/media) (QCC) (6HE_G2002-11-12) (CE. Respect for Others. Altruism) LS: S-M: 2,6,7,9; SS: 2,4,5,8,9.
    8.  Demonstrate respect for the diversity among people (ideas, cultures, abilities, religion, politics, age, health, opinions, etc.). (GPS)(6LA_B2005-19) (CE. Citizenship. Tolerance) BS: LS: SS: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.
    9.  Explain the importance of thinking for oneself and demonstrate an understanding of how one can be influenced by peers. Identify ways to say "NO" to risky behaviors utilizing refusal skills. (QCC)(6HE_E2002-5,6,8) (CE. Respect for Self. Accountability. Commitment) BS: SM: 2,6,7,9,10; SS: 5,8,9.
    10.  Identify skills needed for making and keeping friends while recognizing the importance of expressing feelings honestly and appropriately. (QCC)(6HE_G2002-11) (GPS)(6SS_B2007-13) (CE. Respect for Others. Integrity. Truth) BS: SS: 1,2,4,6,8,9.