• Feb. 15-17: 

    Second Course Adjustment

    Starting on February 15 through February 17, SGHS students will have the opportunity to conduct a second review of course requests and request any necessary changes. 

    To view your course requests:

    CURRENT SGHS Students

    1. Open StudentVUE or ParentVUE in the app or in eClass or the Parent Portal.
    2. Find the menu option titled "Course Requests" on the left.

    RISING 9th Grade Students

    1. Open StudentVUE or ParentVUE in the app or in eClass or the Parent Portal.
    2. Find the menu option titled "Documents" on the left.
    3. Open the Document titled "HS Course Requests - Second Review" to see teacher-recommended course requests.

    Here are some considerations:

    1. Please review core classes and make sure you have the necessary classes in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Note that 9th-grade students may not have a social studies class. Each student is unique, please speak with your current content teacher or your counselor if you have concerns about which core classes you need.

    2. Please make sure each course has requests for the full year. Only your Academy should have a one-year-long entry. All other course requests should have a first semester and a second semester. You should have a total of 15-course requests.

    3. Make sure you do not have duplicate entries.

    4. If you are requesting electives, please make sure the electives you request are available to your grade level. Please check the course catalog, pages 5-8, to confirm. Please also check for prerequisites. If you request a class and do not have the prerequisite, you risk being removed in the first month of the new school year and placed in a new class with availability.

    5. Please make sure you have both an Academy and a pathway course in that academy. You may view the Academies and their pathways on page 21 of the course catalog.

    6. Please make sure you have provided at least two alternate classes. This ensures you will end up in a class you want if one of your first choice classes is not available.

    7. A minimum of two years of coursework in the same modern or classical language is required for admission to Georgia four-year colleges and universities. If you are interested in a particular school, please be familiar with their requirements.

    8. If you are currently enrolled in Algebra I and anticipate receiving credit for the course, any Algebra I course on your schedule will be updated when the credit appears on your course history. If you intend to take a course in the summer, any course on your schedule with the same course number will be updated when the credit appears in your course history.

    Please click the link below to request any changes:

    Second Course Adjustment Form

Important Documents and Information:

  • Toni Weir