GA Milestone Resources

  • GA Milestones:  EOG Resources

    Student Online Practice Test:  GMAS Practice 

        ( Green End of Grade Spring Main, Online Tools Training, EOG Test Practice, Standard Online Tools, Grades 3-5,  Use the user name and password given)

    Video Tips on how to take the test :  Video Tutorial



    March 16, 2020 – As the COVID-19 outbreak continues and many public schools are closed to ensure the safety of students and staff, State School Superintendent Richard Woods is suspending the following until further notice:


    • ​State assessment window/administration (including Georgia Milestones EOGs and EOCs, the Georgia Alternate Assessment/GAA 2.0, and all other required testing
    • Teacher and leader evaluation (TKES/LKES) requirements and reporting
    • State-level attendance-related consequences (including CCRPI, TKES/LKES, School Climate Star Rating, and make-up day requirements)