Community Schools

  • Vision: Build a strong sense of belonging and rich engagement by growing the Gwinnett community in empathy, equity, effectiveness, and excellence. This is done by removing barriers to success by connecting students and their families to the services they need to thrive.

     Mission: The community schools for each cluster will work collaboratively with students and families, connecting them with community partners who can provide the educational and recreational programs, support, and services they need to be successful.

    The goal of the GCPS Community School program is to extend education and recreation in the community. Participation is encouraged for all age groups in Gwinnett County. Public and private agencies, as well as civic organizations, are invited to work within the community education framework in an attempt to provide maximum services to the citizens of Gwinnett County. Community Schools shall maximize the use of all their existing facilities. Each Community School has a director who facilitates all cluster after-school activities and is available to help you and your organization coordinate a plan. Click the link below or the school logo representing each cluster for more information.

    Community School Coordinator - Contact Information


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