Student Teaching

  • If you’re passionate about teaching and want to make a difference in a community where you can grow, start with Student Teaching in GCPS!

    During your experience, you will enjoy:

    • Access to the latest in education technology
    • Learn “best practices” from a proven “world class” school system
    • Outstanding support and collaborative teaching environments
    • Access to a dedicated recruitment team for assistance securing positions upon graduation

    GCPS Curriculum

    In support of the GCPS mission statement, our school district utilizes the Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS) curriculum. The AKS for each grade level outlines the essential learning points students are expected to know and apply within that particular grade or subject area.

    How Does the AKS Impact Gwinnett County Student Teachers?

    • Offers a solid base from day one on which teachers build rich curricular experiences
    • Recommends curriculum guides, textbooks, technology, and other materials to ensure each student is learning to his or her potential
    • Makes it easy for teachers to tailor classroom lessons to meet students’ individual needs


  • University Placement Offices & Coordinators

    Use this link to access all current forms for MOU requests, placement requests, and other related placement information.

    These forms replace any previously used versions.

    For questions, please contact our office at



  • I would like to complete my field experience/student teaching in GCPS. How do I submit my request?

    GCPS does not have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with all college and universities. If you are unsure if your college/university has an MOU agreement with GCPS, please contact us at

  • My college/university does not have a partnership with GCPS, but I would like to complete my placement there. What should I do?

    Please have your university/college placement office contact us at regarding a potential partnership. We will communicate with your university on how to submit the partnership request.

  • What is the deadline for submitting placement requests for the current school year?

    GCPS does not have a deadline for submitting placement requests. We accept placement requests year-round to best accommodate our student interns' placement needs.

  • How do I get approved for placement in Gwinnett County Public Schools?

    In order to be considered for a placement, a formal request must be submitted by your college or university field placement office. Placements must be approved at both the district level and the school level where the placement is being requested.

  • How long does it take for a placement to be approved?

    Please allow at least 3 weeks for a request to be received and moved through the placement process. However, in some cases it may take longer to approve placement requests. To inquire about the status of your request, please contact your college/university’s field placement office.

  • Can I student teach in schools where my children attend or where my relatives work?

    No. Students may not student teach in the same school where their children attend or where immediate family members are employed.

  • Can I be paid while I am completing my student teaching?

    No. GCPS does not offer stipends to students teachers. Current GCPS employees may not be paid during their student teaching assignments.

    *The only exception is if you are a GCPS teacher employed on a Provisional Teaching Certificate and using your MAT program to satisfy certification requirements. Please contact your college/university’s field placement office to ensure that they will allow you to use your current classroom for student teaching.

  • Should I contact the school where I am interested in completing my placement?

    Please do not contact the schools (or teachers) directly. Any questions regarding placement should be directed to

  • What if I am not in a teaching program, but would like to complete my internship with Gwinnett County Public Schools?

    GCPS welcomes student interns from a variety of degree programs. Please contact departments directly for more information about non-teaching internships.

    • Counselor Interns: Dr. Heather Alvira, 678-301-7372

    • School Psychologists: Tom Owen, 678-301-7100

    • Media Services & Technology Training Specialists: Jan L. Wilson, 678-301-7328

    • Educational Leadership: Dr. Kendra Washington-Bass, 678-301-7284

    • Occupational Therapists/Physical Therapists: Stefanie Case, 678-301-6807

    • School Social Workers: Crystal Baskerville, 678-301-7270

    • Nursing: Kim Baumann, 678-301-7246