• Record/Transcript Requests

  • For Transcript Requests for College Admissions, Scholarship Applications, or Summer Programs, choose from one of the following options below. For all other records requests, please contact our Records Clerk at (678) 344-2603.

  • For CURRENT Brookwood High School Students

  • GaFutures

    www.gafutures.org (Only available for schools in Georgia)

    · Log into your account

    · Scroll down to “My High School Transcript”

    · Select College to send transcript

    · If you get an error message, it might mean you haven’t entered your SSN in your GaFutures Profile, or that we do not have it on record at Gwinnett County Public Schools.

  • CommonApp, SendEDU, or Coalition

    · When completing your application, make sure you enter your Counselor’s name and email address.

    · Your Counselor will attach a transcript to CommonApp, SendEDU, and/or Coalition

    · If also requesting a letter of recommendation, be sure to complete a Brag Sheet!

  • Paper Transcripts

    · Pay for a transcript through: MyPaymentsPlus.com

      Click on “Make a Payment” – and select “Transcripts”

    OR Pay in Cash $5/Copy in the counseling office.

    · Allow 2 business days for processing

    · Pick up Transcript from A1/Counseling

    · DO NOT OPEN or they will be void. Just add a stamp, address the envelope, and mail it to your college.

  • Final Transcripts

    (Graduating Seniors Only!)

    · Final Transcripts can be ordered after May 1st.

    · There will be a Google Link here after May 1st

    · Final Transcripts will be $5

    · Students will pick up Final Transcripts after Memorial Day. Specific Dates and Times for pick up will be posted here after May 1st.

  • Brookwood Graduates

  • 2019 Graduates

    · Come to the counseling office at BHS to pay for your transcript.

    · Allow 2 Business Days for Processing.

    · Pick up transcript in the Counseling Office (A1).

    · If you are no longer in the state, please contact the counseling office for instructions

  • 2018 Graduates AND any previous Years

    · Records are located at the Gwinnett County Instructional Support Center

    · Visit https://publish.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/gcps/myhome/public/schools/content/general-info/record-transcript-request