• Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Dawg House
  • Air Force JROTC

    Air Force JROTC Courses Offered: 

     AF Aviation History

    AF Science of Flight

    AF Exploration of Space

    AF Cadet Management

  • Computer Science

    Computer Science Courses Offered: 

    Year One: 

    Introduction to Digital Technology

    Year Two: 

    Computer Science Principles

    Year Three:

    AP Computer Science Principles

  • Culinary

    Culinary Courses Offered: 

    Year One: 

    Introduction to Culinary Arts

    Year Two: 

    Culinary Arts I

    Year Three:

    Culinary Arts II

    Food Science

  • Engineering

    Engineering Courses Offered: 

    Year One: 

    Foundations of Engineering and Technology

    Year Two: 

    Engineering Concepts

    Year Three:

    Engineering Application

  • Marketing

    Marketing Courses Offered: 

    Year One: 

    Marketing Principles

    Year Two: 

    Fashion Merchandising & Retailing Essentials 

    Marketing & Entrepreneurship 

    Year Three/Four:

    Advanced Fashion Merchandising & Retailing

    Marketing Management

    Work Based Learning 

  • Teaching as a Profession

    Teaching as a Profession Courses Offered: 

    Year One: 

    Examining the Teaching Profession

    Year Two: 

    Contemporary Issues in Education